IndieDoodles, They LIVE!

I have had several blogs in the past, each one was associated with a previous life!

This time I decided to give myself a fresh new start with a fresh new blog site dubbed INDIEDOODLES.
Those who have followed my entries before will be familiar with the topics of my entries along with the tone of writing!
Don’t worry the tone will remain the same, yet the entries will be diverse, juicy and oh so REAL!

I have generated multiple IndieDoodles on my social media channels and I have realized that they generated a connection with people’s moods, emotions, mental states and day to day feelings.

So, ready yourself to read about the chaotic, beautiful, real and underground stages of this series of events called Life via Indiedoodles and Indieblogs!

That’s it for now! If you’d like to be kept updated with my posts “Like” this post or subscribe to my blog.

Essence of this moment

Essence of this moment


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