One of those days..

You left home and thought you grew
You met so many people and around the world you flew

You laughed with some and dined with others
You worked so hard and and sometimes you were even saddened

You loved many with all your heart and hugged a few
You felt for some and others didn’t really deserve a bit of you

At some point, after the world you rotated
The paths guide you back
Back home, the basis of comfort and fortress of emotions

You sit and cuddle in your own space
With the sun rays your fingers shadow dance
You close your eyes and bask under the glory of you
Comfort fills you from head to toe, like a cigarette in the morning dew
Inner strength surfaces weightlessly like lilly in a sleeping pond

With no one around to judge you, you see clearly
You feel differently and happily you giggle,
Alone indeed, there is no greater power than the adventure you go on with your thoughts
No restrictions, no laws, no wrongs and no rights
Just thoughts woven colorfully making a quilt of illusions whose creator is YOU!
It is hot, I am on the balcony, it’s breezy and I let my thoughts dance with me
Let my thoughts BE on one of those days!

Woman in bed sheets!

Woman in bed sheets!


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