I am sure most people have passed through a lot and I know their accumulated years of experiences literally raises their bar of wisdom and life-mind-games to a higher caliber. However, YOU and I are also students of life and of our very own actions. Here I share my take on life-isms, they aren’t restricted to any sector, they pertain to family, friends, lovers, life, earth, nature, YOU…  here we go, you ready?

1- Always count to 10 in any situation, this gives you time to ferment the idea.

2- Be nice, especially to those who you value most, no matter what no matter the situation weigh your words/ thoughts wisely.

3- Think before you speak- I know this is cliche, but doing it is actually quite hard.

4- Always return the favor.

5- Be grateful, no matter the consequences, it’s so worth it.

6- Be positive, for positive energy attracts positivism into your life.

7- Family first, ALWAYS, they are the people who will always be there for you no matter how much you fuck up, you yell and scream.

8- Friends, don’t worry if they’re a few, life will do you a favor with the process of elimination filter the bullshit and keep the best.

9- Give from your heart, never do a half-ass job, no one likes unfinished business.

10- Set goals, I know this is stupid because no one knows what happens tomorrow, but at least have the blue print.

11- Love (no matter what follows this word, it won’t even make sense because love is just too insane and unstable to conceptualize)

12- Try everything wisely.

13- Embrace your body, it is what makes you who you are, if you mess with it, it will fuck you up on the long run!

15- Road trip, some of the deepest conversations are shared then.

16- Don’t underestimate music, it has powers that even the greatest scientists can’t dissect.

17- Always go back to your roots.

18- Catch up with those whom you have lost contact, it’s always nice to see an old friend.

19- Do what makes you happy, although finding happiness isn’t as easy as it sounds.

20- Wherever you are, always enjoy the sunset or sunrise 🙂 .

21 – Never look back.

One time I was sitting with someone and he kept repeating “life is beautiful” when it even wasn’t the right moment, however you know, that sometimes just saying it I guess makes it work- kind of a self-full filling prophecy thing.

Define Life

Define Life


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