It’s THAT easy!

Everyone at some point turns a page, a new chapter, a start due to various circumstances that forced him/her to do so. A lot might blame the “evil eye” curse, claiming that they do good and all they get in return is pure evil and wrong doings. Others are put in certain situations where things that force a new start are bound to happen, all for a good cause of course- yet you don’t see it yet. 

Well, fellow readers, I too have passed through a situation where I took the decision to turn the fucking page, YES with all my might and confidence, I said “NO and this is ENOUGH”, forcing myself to forget a planned future and to start a new one – WITH NO REGRETS what so ever. 

This, page turning process wasn’t easy, a lot will tell you don’t think about it, there is nothing better than point ZERO! But when you truly think about it, with a rational mind of course (erase emotions, they tend to fuck up sane decisions) it is TRUE!

Ladies and gents who have been through such situations you have accumulated these positive traits below and YES I praise you for your courage and strength! 

– You grew balls, whatever the situation, whatever the decision, whatever the circumstance, you will change and you will notice that now you KNOW WHAT YOU WANT, HOW YOU WANT IT and WHEN YOU WANT IT! And the best part is now you know how to GET IT! 

– Another thing you realize is that you read the bullshit from anyone a million miles away, those bright red flags that you ignored in your previous past will be as visible as a drunk in a party! 

– New page, doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy! Of course you are full of adrenaline and curiosity and zeal but make sure you channel it to the right areas in your life! Don’t go feeling sorry for yourself, gather that energy, go JUMP OFF A PLANE for all I care, just think of YOU! (P.S this can be tough for some people, since there are plenty who think of others’ before themselves)

– Say NO, whenever you want! You feel it, then say it, don’t think of the other party, because if you do, you will always end up doing things that will hurt YOU! 

– Simple thinking! I know what you’re going to say, this is super easy! Well, get this, you have a proposal and you’re supposed to take a decision. Simple thinking would go along the lines of you thinking of your own benefit – a bit selfish – over thinking will just lead to more thinking and then the final decision will be just a haze with unclear borders and THAT’S what you don’t want! It’s a simple “YES, NO, I don’t like it, I want to do this” just as simple as that! 

YES, it’s THAT easy, focus on what you want, that doesn’t make you a bad person, it just makes you more confident in YOU and that my lovelies is DAMN SEXY!

Follow the steps above and everything will fall into place! 





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