My Beloved

You’re beauty is timeless,
Many have passed through and have marveled at your curves
Your lively spirit is irreplaceable, people from all over the world make it a point
to visit and personally enjoy YOU!

Your reputation has rippled passionate stories for many generations
Your coastlines seduce the craziest of swimmers
Your mountains are a the catalysts for adrenaline chasing hikers

Your people are characterized by a confident and beautiful manner

What has happened to you my beloved?
Has my decreased love, made you feel rejected?
Have I diverted my care and ambitions away from you?
Have you given up being what you truly are because your own people have lost faith in you?

What has gone wrong? You were a legend among legends
Now you have parasites running through your veins,
Infecting you with diseases among diseases
Weakening the very breath of beauty that you gave to everyone
and you LET THEM

Now you have scum ruining your reputation
Scum that are threatening your own people
Providing them with a great incentive to flee their own home
and you LET THEM

Primitive destruction, kidnapping, beheading
Chaos, turmoil, loss of governance, loss of conscience
Mix these together and you have a recipe of complete demolition

My beloved, I know this sounds like the end
A break up never ended beautifully,
However, my beloved Lebanon, your beauty
will always make my heart skip a beat
But alas, youthful souls always seek great heights
and your heights are being veiled by the dark shadow
of complete annihilation


The Beauty Of Lebanon that ONCE was!

The Beauty Of Lebanon that ONCE was!


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