Modern Life Appreciation

I woke up, I checked the screen
I paused, I thought and then cringed at the redundant feeling
felt before, uncomfortable but it’s there

That uneasy feeling, that questionable thought
that “out of self wondering” feeling

I stepped out of my “perfect world” bubble
and stepped into a more real one.
The one whose happy endings are illusions
The one whose thoughts marinate in rationale rather than magic
The one whose final goals are attained by mature actions
rather than “fairy tale” twists

Wonder no more, state the facts,
Pencil them down, scratch those lurking “maybe’s”
jot down the harsh reality.
You always thought, your actions will get you there,
Well, honey, from now on, get your act together
Act for you, stand up for you,
Entwine your happiness with everything that YOU DO
Screen is empty, fuck it,
Go write, read, sing, drive
Your conditional elation SHOULD be tied with every step YOU TAKE

We know how you feel

No one will understand the emotions that boil under your surface
The ones that burn every cell inside, the ones that toy with your neurons
Their “plastic” response above is a socially accepted statement
followed by a pat on the back
Take it but don’t you dare explain yourself,
You don’t have to!
YOU are your only friend, whose secrets you won’t uncover
Stop, tying your satisfaction with other’s approval
STOP waiting for appreciation, stop waiting for society to LIKE
Be whatever you want to be, whatever you were born to be

You look at your screen,

There is so much LIFE out there, so much LIFE in you!
Just like a woman with a head of roses!



Woman with a head of roses - Dali

Woman with a head of roses – Dali


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