Power of Doubt

Your silly interpretations of love

Carried me into a disillusioned adventure

That I actually molded and created

You choked me with compliments

Whose fakeness were as real as the nylon bag you chose

You carried me beyond the stars

The stars that hung on my ceiling, not those that hung above

Can my heart be that blinded, shielded by the multiple faces of love?

Do I blame myself into taking this journey with your ghost?

I sat in the bar, surrounded by loud mumbles, the fermented smell of the night before

I took a drag from my cigarette, those long pondering kind of drags

You were not there, but in my thoughts of you being there were unfair

I exhaled, I felt different, my light dimmed,

I was not myself, nor was I lonely, but your stench lingered unwillingly

I diverted my thoughts away from you, but how can you ignore that perfume?

You can’t ignore a cologne, nor can you ignore a memory

Am I lonesome tonight? Not really, I have great company

Yet, you just had to fuck it up, your thoughts had to tarnish

that golden feeling of being liberated…

I thought you were an anchor, you settled me against the anguish waves of turmoil

However, I was mistaken, you pulled me down, into the deepest darkest abyss of the unknown part of you

Have I truly loved you? Sadly yes, my heart was weakened beyond measure

Coating you with the pink attractive cover of a drug

seduced by the color, yet oblivious to the effects that follow

Now comes the question, were you truly in love or were you drugged into feeling so?

Was my naïve heart a playground for you?

Was my dominance a queue for your relief?

Could your reciprocated smile be forced as a reflection of mine?

I doubt, because I felt and you know; at some point; you did too

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