It happened so fast
The waking up, the trouble,
the breathing, the scenes

Even the sounds of life were in fast forward mode
The heart stalled, slowly
Like the heaving train coming to a halt at it’s final stop

Take a deep breath! You’re still alive
Because it’s meant to be!

You are alone, can you find yourself again?
You have literally teleported from relationship mode
To “Now it’s me again” mode

It might be difficult at first, the aloneness
Not the loneliness
The aloneness, the fact that you walk the earth with yourself
The fact, the you don’t have the one calling you
checking up on you, cheering you up!

Your naive heart, that posed as an arena
To those gladiators who shred it to pieces
year after year
Has taken enough!

It decided to pump some life and sense into you
To make you realize that those experiences that
Have compiled, murdered, killed, slaughtered
a piece of you
Also have molded, strengthened and gilded your spirit
They taught you, made you cry, pushed you around
and yet you still stand and say
“I have had enough” OUT LOUD!

That beautiful and hurtful sense of realization
Vibrated confident sensations
up to your eye balls
Providing you with a new hue
of life, a new perception
and a new out look!

The young woman and the old lady!

The young woman and the old lady!


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