THAT one song!

Weekday morning
settling yourself into that position
Fixing your posture
Cracking your fingers

You look at blinking cursor
It’s stagnant, awaiting your command
you’re the god, behind it’s actions

You take a deep breath
a message, a lovely message
from a dear old friend

It embraces your casual morning
with a blanket of warmth
accompanied with a smile

A song
An upgrade to the normal
“Hello, how are you!”

It was THAT song
the one that took you back to your teen age years
the one that smothers you in the innocence of young love
the one injecting your adulthood with doses of sweet tastes of nostalgia
the one that orchestrates your heart beats
the one that differentiates each heart beat from the next
the one whose powers engulf your soul,
the one whose meaning is only cherished between the person and one he sent it to

You swing back and forth
between the now and then

You are numb, you are in a mental limbo
Your mental capacity is lurking in the past,
while your body is still present in that office chair
Your body so restless so numb
You willingly accept the musical overdose
You repeat the song, every time the lyrics seems louder
You repeat the song again, for the melodies flow through your veins
like the simple drug,
Fast and with instant gratification
Your neurons attack that melody
Hold on it, feed on the memory that it harvests
Your neurons wake up,
after snorting the beauty of the melody
Your neurons’ addiction has revived

You repeat the song,
You welcome the musical overdose
You welcome the mental state of “omg”
and come to think of it
it was just THAT one song
on a weekday morning
in a message
from an old

Mental Music

Mental Music


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