Free Writing

She thought
She would be in those pictures
where faces are painted with smiles
where dresses are so perfectly and selectively picked
where every photo is as memorable as the memory it preserves

Then her thought struck her
like lightening in a random damp rainstorm

she wasn’t ready to wear that dress
she wasn’t ready to settle

she has so much life in her
butterflies in her body
strong heart beats
she couldn’t pickle it in a jar

she has so much to offer
she gives with no thought, it’s her high

she has the world to wander
she has citizens of the planet to meet
she has ambition,
different kind of ambition,
she has fireworks in her head  (quoted)
she has words to share
she has stories to tell
she has a love to spread
she has her self
to explore

what was she thinking?
Societal acceptance?

Never try to constrain her free spirit
hers is meant to soar
in thought, in the skies, among the stars
You are welcome to join
but never to pin down!



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