It was there, the cup half full
It was there, the smiles, the friends
the giggles, the nights, the full house

Life seemed perfect,
The way it planned its strategy
felt flawless

Until one day, life gazed upon a
gleeful soul, beautiful aura
Her dirty blond hair was vibrant
Her presence around you
made you feel like a better person
she seemed magical and to those around her
she spread her positivism
she made everything better,
even through all the shit and muck
through all the heartbreaks and fuck-ups
she maintained that peaceful smile
whose power can ripple across oceans

Life sucked in that enchantment
and concocted a formula that will
revamp that youthful innocent soul
that will give her a taste of the roughest side

One day, she woke up grateful
she’s alive, clueless to the major change
that will occur in 2 hours
She again, wore that beautiful smile
and went on living

Without realizing
She stepped in a trap
It was concealed with green grass… flowers
She fell into an abyss of reality sharks
reality so harsh it sucked the brightness that surrounded
reality so harsh it bit a chunk off that loud beating heart
reality so harsh it slapped the magic right out of her system

She sat there in the darkness
feeling cheated,
She opened her eyes,
She felt a new spirit, inhibiting her being
She felt a strength that has settled where her heart once was
She, stood up, she looked up at the sky
it was still blue, and the clouds still swam by carelessly
Nothing has stopped
This fortified this new sensation
She climbed up from that reality hole,
She has embarked on something new
This enigmatic feeling was still foreign to her
She is trying to embody it

She is loving it
As she reached the surface
Her light became brighter than ever before
Her hair glistened
Her smile wider
and even her presence was stronger

She looked up at the sky
She said
“Whatever you did there, thank you”




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