Those days where your thoughts go wandering
in the deepest darkest corners of your mind,
to excavate those memories, almost decomposed

It’s not you wanting them to do so,
They just have a mind of their own,
They have a plan and a map of your brain

Some days, they just awaken from their routine slumber
and carry that stupid map of your memories
embedded in certain neurons

Those neurons that you so likely wanted
to kill to the point of extinction
They go, they seek and they find them

Your brain, fights the urge, your brain sets obstacles
to keep them away from finding these memories
under superimposed layers of time
Your brain becomes cloudy, it wants to become blurry

These neurons harvest the past of YOU
Your time in a certain time,
They became richer, with what you fed them
even though at that time, they were like any other neurons
they were dormant and going on their day

But now, they have baggage,
Is that what makes you have that weight?
have that richness?

As they go around finding these neurons
fattened by memories.
They ask them to sit and as they search their luggage
Your brain becomes in a state of remembering

Then your rational being, stops everything
Do you want to remember?

Sometimes it is pretty awesome to
dive in that certain state of nostalgia
this haze of time travel mode

Sometimes it’s haunting
and you want to exorcise them demonic thoughts

You want to escape that bad trip
and wake up to
where you are
what you are
No matter how messy
chaotic, trashy and lost you are

Your greatest challenge now
is to go on this adventure of self discovery
You might be disappointed
You might be delighted
but at the end at least
You will find out
what kind of soul
this body of yours

Your messy Brain


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