It darkened the sky
with a blanket of stars

Some ready themselves
to dive into deep slumber

Others feel that flame
that burns and yearns
for the adventures to come
with the darkness

They ready themselves
Oblivious to their own actions
They grab those masks
The ones they have in their closets
Way in the back
to welcome
the night!

Yes, the ones
that clothe them
injects them with mystery
Poisons them with illusions
and readies them
to roam the streets
of the city

As you walk past these people
You tend to fall into
a diverse vortex
of identities

All these masks
are looking back at you
with a scanning blank stare
accompanied with a fake smile
You seat yourself
on a wobbly table
and an ancient bar stool
barely stuck together
with rusty nails
a show is about to start
“Welcome to the Masquerade
You’re lucky you’ve got the front seat”

You sit there,
you narrate the play in your head
you generate the script
the actors are there
performing unknowingly
They stand next to each other
drinks in hand

Those masks are still on
Blank eyes
Then as your brain
starts to dissect each character
in this play
You generate a theory
No matter how close those actors are
Those masks mask a lot more

Remember, they are masked for the night, or for a while maybe? Who knows?

But as you look deeper
You wonder
How well do they truly know each other?
They both have those “faces” on
They seem to engage in
such deep conversations
Yet, they both know
They have secrets
in the deepest
abyss of their soul
and their mask
seems to act
as a gate
forbidding it from leaving

Then you divert your sight
to yourself
You are clothed
You too have a drink in hand
you raise your hand panic-sticken
you touch your face

You feel that porcelain texture
soft, pasty and smooth

You get up, leave your seat
you just want to see a reflection
the bathroom line, was limitless
lovers disguised, kissing on one side
on the other, a woman smoking a cigarette
her mask was beautiful, she was eye-ing you

But you just need to get a glimpse
of that face of yours

You leave the place
you go outside
you look at the glass
and realize
that you too
are masked
for the night!

Masked Love

Masked Love


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