Word Vomit

You want to be skinny
You want to look pretty
You want to have the best
You want to be the best
You want the car
the apartment
the house
the shoes
the dresses
the beauty
the better life

How about wanting
Better wits
Better health
Better understanding
Better comprehension
Better patience
Better sense of logic
Better perception
Better empathy
Better care
Better selflessness

Sadly, you are drowning
in an ironically shallow reality
almost suffocating you with
its plasticity
Riding you into a future
based on botoxed lips
wind slapped faces
that hide the emptiness inside

What happened to beautiful minds?
Have they become such a rare treasure
that you have to seek them in this muck of ignorance?

What happened to intellect?
Has it become extinct, that excavating now
gives you a rush of the past?

What happened to purity?
Has it become so underrated
to a point of disappearing?

What happened to the mystery of meeting?
Has it become so cliche, that now
actually talking has upgraded itself
into being a “task”?

What happened to exerting effort
into creating a relationship, a friendship?
what happened to respect?
Am I being far-fetched?
Does your so -called advanced mind
digest the meaning of the above!?

If not, I suggest you click the refresh button

Sit back, remove your eye sight
from anything digital
walk your lazy ass to the window
and actually LOOK outside
Do you remember how to look?
How to use your eyes, to feast your vision
on the world outside?

It’s raining,
It’s wet,
It’s beautiful,

it’s fucking
it goes
Skin deep!

Look through


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