Those who seek
the wildest of lives
lead the most untamed
series of events that
compose a page-turner

You, my beautiful human
are a soul
that should roam the nights
conquer days and their sun
devour innovations
feed on poetry
thrive on art and beauty

You should fall and fall hard
Love like no tomorrow
Let its chemicals ignite sparks in your soul
and project it through your eyes
you glow
Let your heart go insane,
let it enjoy the uncontrollable beats, let it
dance to them
Fear should not be a detriment
for no-one has died of a broken heart!

Dance naked, love that temple of yours
be selfish about it
Mold it, design it, decorate it
into your liking
you are a masterpiece
your viewers are plenty
your lovers are selective
with refined taste and appreciation

People have great stories
with an untamed knack to share
Listen to beauty of difference
to the variations in events
to their “personal”
listen to the human interpretation of
moments, to experience
never judge, just listen
and sometimes advise
other times, silence poses as the
band aid mending those slight injuries

Now this is beautiful in every aspect
for once you taste, feel, listen, hear
the bits and pieces that life has thrown at you
you slowly create the missing beauty that is you
you slowly shed the dead skin, revealing the
wealth that is you
you slowly become that art piece
that stands out in the middle of a museum
highlighted, beautiful, and oh so precious

the exotic flavors of life
taste the spicy and the sweet
taste the unknown, awaken your buds
taste the souls of those whose are beautiful
embrace the colorful, abundant, and secretive
Savor the delicacies of life,

Come taste my soul
Let me share my beauty with yours
Experience the richness
Listen to the cutting silence, dancing to the
artistic beats of your body

Come let



your soul
taste my soul


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