The Year Two Thousand and Fifteen-isms

Being human
you are bound to
undergo waves of
changes, with various
tidal oscillations

One day you’re awake and ambitious
others you seek refuge between your sheets
Some days you are filled with joy
and some days you are engulfed
by a gloomy chill that saddens you

You experience love, you fall in love
you embrace it, you act irrationally
you enjoy the stupidity of it all
For no-one said falling is a good thing
those who fall always crash or plan their landing
safely, but in cases of love
the landing isn’t and will never be
part of the equation

You experience variations of love
love for music, love for friends, love for
diffuse yourself in it, for love in all forms
is beautiful, just let it be surrounded by YOU
Let yourself be the reason for loving and being loved
Never give love a set definition or limit it
to something or someone
Keep on loving
You experience hate, you revert back
to your ethics, then you change that hate
to ignorance, then to forgiveness
You don’t forgive, time enforces it on you
For time will be on your side, regardless
no power can stop it, unless that heart of
yours decides to

You experience friendship and ship wrecks
You will lose lots, maybe for the good
maybe for the bad, but always make room for some more
and always cherish those little few, that you
tend to forget

You relocate, who knows where
and regardless of what, just inject yourself
with the adventurous spirit, actually
just awaken yourself from being bound
by the strains of society
Let your ultimate reality
be your reality

You get scared, it’s fine
everyone does, it won’t be human
if you don’t, just make sure
this fear won’t be a major hindrance

You will have mistakes and you will make many
just let don’t let your past mock you by its
“I told you so”  just give it the benefit of the doubt
you did fuck up in the past, how about you make room for
new ones so as to learn new lessons
For it is from your mistakes that you become
richer, aware, and oh so mysterious

Never seek money, never seek a lot of it at least
just seek what makes you happy, cliche you say
well then stay miserable in the crappy office job
forget happiness,
but what happens if you forget money?
tell me now, what do you want to do?

Never seek social acceptance,
nobody likes a cookie cutter society,
for your flaws are so beautiful, your uniqueness is attractive
and your self satisfaction is the most sexy

Think before you articulate
it’s an underestimated task,
think, let your neurons go wild
let them ignite, create, trigger
a thought process that will make others
gawk at your words, intellect, your perception and
your mental allure

Drink and be merry, laugh at your loudest
hug, kiss, smile, cry, speak, meet, greet
adore, hate, abhor
giggle, cuddle, run, walk
travel, make love, seek the unknown
feed your fetishes, compliment
enjoy your humanity
in all forms

Listen to your heart,
well sometimes, that silly bastard
gets drunk off of every heart beat

You have an opinion
you are entitled to it
you don’t need to justify
anything for anyone
for you owe them nothing

You have changed in ways you aren’t aware of
every year you get out of that cocoon of yours
and every year you are reborn into a beautiful
butterfly, that lives for a year, an exceptional year

Optimism and pessimism will always be by your side
just find the right balance,
So will your family, there will always pick you up
no matter how deep in shit you’ve gotten!

This is not another New Year New You bullshit

You SHOULD NOT change, you have
worked hard on yourself
to be the person you are today
you are loved

Stitch yourself
create a beautiful quilt of
experiences, color
your appearance
tell your story
I bet yours


Ana Teresa Barboza embroidery and her relationship between human skin and embroidery.


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