It’s this odd feeling
of euphoria, every time
that drink dances on your lips

It’s this comfort that settles in your body
and you embrace it, wholeheartedly
Your eyes haze, you become lethargic
but that type that makes you float
You’re floating

Your mind is racing, it’s weaving
the moments into a beautiful quilt of
“I don’t remember’s” & “when did that happen’s”
Your mind fools you
giving you the illusion that you were aware
How evil!

You sew more patches into that quilt of yours
you sew squares of fabricated reality
into your factual events

This feeling progresses
with every sip, with every sunrise you witness
this feeling of transparency with your own self
smelling like the night, the dingy night
you enjoy the swinging of your imbalanced body
the swinging of your mind
Between that tangible happenings
and the invisible thoughts that felt so real!

As you sat there your mind
pushed you on that swing
whose stillness you enjoyed
it pushed you to oscillate between
the real and those dreams
Your awake
confused and lost in between two worlds

It’s a feeling of uncertainty
that thin line that separated your reality
from those private jumbles in your head
has been blurred, washed down by every sip
you ingest, burned by every drag you inhale
Slowly and surely, that line that once played
crucial role in mankind’s existence is fading
leaving you swinging back and forth
confusing the hell out of your world

You are lost
“Welcome you are in limbo”

Remember that quilt?
The one who’s real patches are stitched
to those unrealistic ones?
You find yourself
covered with your very own colorful patchwork
You have a hazy connection with reality
That line that was once there
well, it’s gone now
You have incorporated the real with the unreal
a dense homogeneous mixture,
Mysteriously scary!
Your days, have become a fictional
comic strip,
You are the lead character
you bump into your real moments, then
it hits you
“I dreamt that”
your state of turmoil confusion
signifies that glitch, that
“ezzt” noise!
you hear it and you feel it
Is that you teleporting between two worlds?
are you swinging from side to side
letting the winds of reality play with your hair
on one
and the waves of doubt clench to your soul
on the other?

The glitching persists
You’re awake
in which


It's Glitch Art / Photography

It’s Glitch Art / Photography


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