Modal Verb

You’re here
of course you are
where else would you be?

Did you ever think of the verb be?
of how powerful it is to just exist?
Not feel, be
the being factor of being present
being here, breathing, living

What a strong verb it is
what an underrated action it is
be, grammatically is a modal verb
that is, likelihood, ability, permission, and obligation *quoted from wiki*
to be is to see, hear,
exercise Newton’s third law
to react, to feel,

Your survival is you being
Pause, take a break and be
can you do that?
Can you just be and not do?

Let’s see, look around
are they being?
Do you enjoy being
are you obliged to be?
Or have you forgotten
the true essence of just
having a soul, being one with that soul?

You change jobs,
You change lovers,
You change friends,
You change trends,
You change lives,
You change yourself

at the end
it is magical
when you hear someone
tell you
“don’t ever stop being”

With all your flaws
just be
With all your beauties
just be
With all your perks
just be
With all your colors
just be
With the compilation of fucks ups
just be
With you just being
Just be

here comes the best part…
the more you be
the clearer you



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