You are a sculpture

a beautiful one, carved meticulously
by one of the greatest artists that has ever lived

You, in the center, pose
Your naked body is slowly evolving
Your skin is slowly being smoothed over
by sand paper, followed by the artist’s caress
doubling his confirmation that it is as soft as it looks

He sees you in his mind
it’s like the artist has foresight
he can foresee the future of what should
slowly morph into being

Like any artist he is striving for originality
with a touch of uniqueness and brush strokes of
He started with marble
because your skin is that soft, he wants you to be
the epitome perfection and your skin is just the beginning

He slowly guides his tools
from the top of you statue
starting with your hair
each strand he sculpts has a story
he smiles, knowing that every curl
every golden lock should be in place
the one on her forehead to the one the dangles on her neck

He is moving downwards, her eyes
“what a great choice of marble” he thought
as he adds the details in her eyes, the marble shone back
He carved her pupils in a way
that shows her marveling at him,
a reflection of his stare

As he slowly sculpted her jaw bone
he slowly moved down her neck
he could smell her, he carved the bone structure
the collar bones, the way he feels them

He smoothed the silhouette, that hourglass figure
he reached the waist, where he rests his hands
upon embrace

As he lost himself in his art
time was ticking and without noticing
his sculpture was slowly changing form
tic toc tic toc

Her thighs he slowly dented the line
where her muscles show
he knew that those legs will go places
he made them strong and beautiful

he smoothed the legs, the marble
was gorgeous

as he took a step back
he took a deep breath
and exhaled life into her

he looked at her
“you are the original
stay as such
life will do a better

life will add the
finishing touches”

Isamu Noguchi with Undine (1925) It's like Pygmalion


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