True Love

She always took the road everyone traveled
She perfected every age, with a to do list
she always knew where each step took her
The surprise element that hypnotized her
was dormant in the back of her head

The sidewalks memorized every step
every morning mood
they even complimented her motion
with sun rays and sometimes rain

She once slipped
and fell on a different path
the road was no longer familiar
her senses awakened

All those lists she had in mind
fell with her,
She stood up
and kept walking
that’s what she did best

But something was missing
her memory was erased
she tried to squeeze her brain
to get a clue…at least
to serve as a  base to start with


Total blank

With courage in her gut
churning, she felt the magic
of innovation starting from her toes
to her eyes, they started to gleam

She took the first step forward
in the foreign land, it was full of monsters
full of blood thirsty, personality crushing
mythical creatures, that wanted a piece of her

The gleam in her eyes, the brightness that is
was her weapon, since they gave a sneak peek
to the turmoiled soil she had suppressed for so long

The ray of light, burnt all those who attacked
little did she know, she had such powers

As she walked, the road changed from a smooth sidewalk
to a vertical mountain, so beautiful, but yet so deadly
the rocks fooled her by their sturdy-ness, but she always
had a balance, that was..again..suppressed

She slowly calculated every step now, it no longer became a routine
She felt she was being born again, as the oxygen levels declined
the breaths she took increased, filling her lungs
with new air

As the weather got colder, the wind grew stronger
and blew off her cover, the jacket that warmed her
the scarf that held her together
But she felt something else was also being blown

Her love for words, the way they understood her
the way they leak from her fingertips onto a blank paper
Time was being lost, so was her time for words
her love affair with words, poetry, books,
That passionate lustful escape
that gave the world a taste of her identity
that scraping, scratching desire that scratched
her comfort zone, slowly, breaking that bubble

Her true love, those words that listen
that dance with her mood, that strum her heart
that are the causes of every joyful and miserable tear

Her true love, her words

She refused to let go, of those, she closed her eyes
as she stood on top of that mountain
she let out a scream, asking time
to extend itself
giving her more time to spend with her words
her lovely sadistic words that embrace and disappear
at will

When she finished, she felt her body
as goosebumps covered her body
she felt something else
She lifted her shirt…

Time did her a favor, it used her body as a canvas
to engrave its love
nothing is more beautiful than pale white
naked skin
engraved with the pulchritude of
her true

words on skin


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