Lady of Instability

Take a boat
You’re walking on the marina
the path that cuts the ocean
the waves kiss the walls
begging for more space

You’re walking enjoying the sprinkles
from the crashing waves, as they land on your skin
feeling connected with nature
as the salty scent perfumes your being

The boats dance with the instability of the water
giant creatures of the sea made my man
weightless and careless
tempting you to embark on an adventure
salty skin, humid curly hair, ocean breezes
you find yourself seduced by the mystery of the great blue
luring you like a naked woman, whose heart is as dangerous
whose body is as secretive and whose soul is as deep

You find yourself standing on the marina
facing a boat, the mere medium of separation between you
and that mystery

you tell your body, asking your rib cage to make more
space for breaths of courage

“You need this”

You spot a boat, desolate from those luxurious yachts
at the end, you felt like it was calling you, inviting you

The first step is the hardest
as with life,
yet with enough gut and recklessness

Oh the irony 

you do it!

Armed with nothing
but pure instinct and a drive to
leave that earthy crust,
that’s covered with your memories
your moments
Don’t forget hunger,
hunger for the unknown

The first step is unstable
the ocean welcomes you to its world
you find your balance by setting the next foot
to accompany the first

A gust of wind pushes you over,
and moves the boast as it fills its sails
You were satiated with this unknown feeling
this adrenaline that’s swaying you between your comfort zone
and the great unknown

You ready?

It won’t be easy
nor will it be sassy
the sea is beautiful,
yet with the instability
of a person with a broken heart

Ride the waves
kiss its crashing wounds
listen to its creatures
make peace with its wind
and it will carry you




guided by your


ocean lady


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