Daily Dose

(Play me, while reading this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKX5rf4hbpA

It’s a different kind of feel
it’s a sensation that can move you
without touching you

it’s a feeling that pulsates your heart
one that can be in sync with your being
or hypnotize yours with its power

it’s energy the one that wakes your 5 senses
all of them, from sight to hearing
to touching to feeling and sometimes
it’s so freaking good you can taste
its passion

It’s some sort of sorcery that sets
those neurotransmitters in your brain
in fast forward mode
releasing endorphins
releasing that “happy” feeling

It’s out there, hypnotizing you
without inflicting anything, it just happens
and sets your mind into a trance
accompanied by certain body moves

It’s everywhere, everyday
that certain calling that you either seek
or it finds you
it listens to you or remedies you

it’s personal, it’s universal
“to each his own” is its mantra
it caters to all

Some accentuate its feeling
by inducing external factors
“it’s just that good, I want to feel it more
i want to feel it at its outmost best”

it’s a daily dose that swings your mood
from happy to sad, it’s therapy that gets you
through your sorrows, it’s what your heart seeks
when it’s alone, when it connects with another
it joins you together, it makes love to you
it climaxes your emotions, it moves your body in ways
you never knew possible

It carries you from your dull reality
to a brighter, lighter vicinity
in your mind, in your surroundings

Sometimes, it so powerful
that your body reacts in a carpet of goosebumps
sometimes it goes skin deep, beyond your expectations
enticing you to scream in disbelief

Whatever it is, it’s time you listen to your inner calling
find the genre that moves you
and ready yourself
to welcome
the most beautiful form
of drug

They tell you to lose yourself to its beats
funny thing, is that
when you respond to those beats
by breaking loose those bars that keep you intact
is when you truly find the
true essence
of yourself



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