A Declaration

Ladies and Gentlemen
I am not a person
with a fingerprint in the world

I am not a CEO
with a company to hold my name
nor with a hefty financial bank account

I do not live in a mansion
nor do I own a car
I do not travel for leisure
even though I’d love to enrich myself with the
learnings of a different country

I do not seek luxury in the corners
of a messy world

I do not have a family of my own
nor a husband to lean on
I am not young, nor am I mindless

I do not boast about the blessings I have
regardless of whether they embody themselves
in a Prada bag or the extra buck or two I find
in my over-washed jeans

I however, have many riches
and so do you
the precious sense of humanity
lights up my being

the ability to convey a message
that is so imaginative in words
is my defense, my armor

I, however, have love
that I selectively share
spread to those who genuinely need it

I, however, have a family
those two pillars that hold me up
when I am at my lowest,
those who see my flaws and embrace
them more than perfections
those who see my mannerisms and read me
like a novel, a beautiful one
regardless of the typos and errors
that might be embedded in my being

I, however, have the ability
to care, regardless if it is reciprocated
I genuinely care, an element that is rare
I care, for I find pleasure in comforting
in composing a melody of ease
and playing it to those who need it the most

Ladies and Gentlemen
I am not the wealthiest
I am not the most stable
nor the most organized

I, however, thrive on spontaneity
I am in love with it, this kind of love
that clings to the unknown
that takes it as it goes
no matter how many times
life has slapped me off my feet
no matter how many times
my glass heart has been broken
it just manages to mend itself
to glue itself with flowers
covering those crocked lines
with bouquets of positivity

I have swung between the 2 sides
of life, the good and the evil
I am a strong cocktail of both
but I sure know that
deep down inside, the good prevails
it is stitched into my DNA strand

I have manned up
I have woman-ned up
I have friended and be friended

I have fallen in love and I have been kicked out of it
fuck, I have even been the reason
why it has ended
for me,
for now

But hey, put your hand on my chest
You feel that?

It still beats,
I am still here
and so are you

So regardless of whether you live in a crummy apartment
or a mansion in the suburbs
regardless of whether you have one favorite shirt
or a fashion line of designer clothing

Tell me, if you have the above
would it be enough to clothe
the human in you or lack there of?
the one that’s naturally programmed
to care, share, love, feel, sense
would Versace cover the dark hole
that was once a manifesto of humanity?

Strip naked
look at yourself
put your hand on your chest
and praise your God
that it still beats

You’re still human
embrace the qualities that come with that being
with that presence

not the ones that require a dollar or two
not the pride that you think carries you above the rest
not the formalities
not the ignorance
not the attitude
not the bitchy manner
not anything
that YOU think

Embrace your
natural charm
stand out
let the human in you
and that my friend
is the wealthiest
aspect you can ever earn

Thank you

naked flowers 1


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