Nightly Fallen

It was one of those afternoons
in the beginning of summer, when nature
is as confused as a rebellious teenager
dreary with clouds one day
and piercing sun rays on the next

it was breezy, but the soft ones
the ones that brush against your cheeks in comfort

Time, stretches in those early summer days
it stretches, the sun longs to stay, while the night
is aching to grace the world with its presence
Awakening those night souls, inducing them
with nocturnal magic, that only they relate to

She stood on her balcony
letting the wind tease her legs with
mild brushes, letting the sunset paint her eyes
with tie dye hues of the sky
allowing it to mess up her hair
to steal puffs from her cigarette

She tried to soak in the last minutes of sunset
before nightfall, she tried to live that moment
of light before the dark, it was so beautiful
it was brushstrokes of a drunken painter
going crazy, venting out his chaotic past love
his rocky relationship in left and right unstudied
strands of purple, orange, yellow and everything in between
across the great sky canvas

She blinked.

Time, this time being mysterious, abruptly
covered that canvas with a dark slate
a new canvas ready for that painter
she rested her elbows on that old railing
flicked her cigarette
as she turned to get another one she felt
as the breezes got colder, the sounds got louder
and her spirit wilder

Still in silence, she looked up again
at the great wide navy blue sky, her eyes lit up
she felt her heart beat, a feeling that is, now foreign to her

could it be, that she has fallen for the night?
could it be that he marvels at her, every night falling deeper 

and deeper for her?

As she diverted her attention from that millisecond feeling
she noticed that her cigarette smoke was flickering stars
responding to every star that glistens in the sky

She smiled, as if a conversation was being made
she looked up at the sky again, this time her look was different
it wasn’t marveling at a natural escape, it was her
at a lover
whose heart is as infinite
That look, that out of body experience

She took a drag from her cigarette
it flickered in a series of stars
ghostly, magical, mystical flicks
that left her smiling
a smile any lover would react to

In that second, when she exhaled
she was surprised to see galaxies of smoke
leaving her body floating up towards the sky
when she leveraged her eyes to marvel at her lover,
her dark, silent, romantic lover, she saw
an array of shooting stars
new stars, purple hazes of stardust
across the sky

It was he
he responded to her smile
he celebrated, he colored the night sky with
galactic hues, with meteor showers
that ignited the dark
with magical touches of a lover
smiling back at his own
longing for another exhale from her
another sigh, just so he can see how beautiful
she is, and how handsome she makes him feel
when she lays her starry eyes
on his mysterious blue

she and the sky stars


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