Heart in Hand

Have you ever noticed
this thing
that humans do so often
that it goes unnoticed?

It’s a simple gesture that accompanies a feeling
but since your vision has lost its sense
of dissecting the details
of absorbing the importance
this gest goes without a spotlight

Till one day, I had a clear mind
a rare instant I tell you
I watched, with eyes eager
to trip on anything to lace its borders
with clear, vision

I saw as she, listened to him
as she looked at him, I could not lip read
but I saw as she slowly lifted her hand
and placed it on her chest

That split second
that goes without thought

Did she want to capture
that feeling her heart feels too
in her palm?

Did she want to assure herself
that she empathizes with him?

Did she want to feel
her heartbeats, externally?
Did she want to feel each pulsating
thud, massage her palm?

what is it with this gesture?
in feelings of sadness, happiness

There is something innate
that exhibits itself in all of us
Is it that she is securing her own heart
from the emotions she is hearing?

is it that she wants to hold it
still, before it races to embrace his heart
with feelings of love?

Is it that she wants to connect
with the only similar muscle
between them both
that beats for the same thing?

is it that she is keeping intact
where it belongs, while her mind races
to feel before her heart does?

There is something
quite bizarre
of landing your hand
on your heart

Now, imagine
what if, she kept her hand on that heart of hers
and placed the other
on his?

imagine the flow of surging emotions
from one body to the next
compromising with common language
that silent



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