pins and needles
slithering up and down your legs
walking seems like a dreaded task
requiring ions of practice
and abundant amounts of energy

becomes weighty, actually
feeling its burden on your shoulders
your neck feels like a flower stem
thin and feeble
struggling to keep that head of yours
afloat on your shoulders

empty, your jaw has lost its energy
to chew food, opening and closing your mouth
as become part of the to do list
your have accumulating on that desk

racing, yet with no affect
it’s hustling with traffic of ideas
in line honking just to be unleashed
somewhere, somehow

those so called little “get better” doses
are just candy coated placebos
forming some sort of dependency
between you and them
You were way better without ’em
but hey “those will get you better”
so gulp them down
you do without  any hesitation

feels like its melting into your bed
where you lie there
its engulfing you, gravity for some odd reason
its sucking you in
and you, oh wow
you are just too weak
to float back on those paper thin

You reminisce on those endless
sleepless nights, alcohol infused fumes
butterflies in stomach
those nights seem like they basked in yester-year’s

What happened?
has routine taken its toll?
has your body been alerting you with
red flags throughout
and your have been drowning them with alcohol?

Has your body been talking to you
and you have been shutting it up, repeating
the “YES I CAN” mantra in your head
feeding the illusion that you can push yourself
more than ever now?

What happened to your vibrant colors?
why are you in pastels now?
why has the brightness in your eyes dulled down
the essence of seduction that once ruled them all?

This “down”
should be temporary
I hope it is
for this fading energy
is the worst form
of lethargy
that’s drowning
you from what it means
to be

melting colors


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