He was asked to leave his comfort zone
he was told to travel to the outskirts
of a desolate area, green or desert
concrete jungle or the amazon
his conscience has had enough
it was his drive to leave

He looked at the globe
resting on the corner of his desk
reminding him of how small he is
of how limited his is to the cubicle
he now calls “home”

He got it closer
spun it, and pointed
randomly to a crusty land
versus the great blue color
that overcomes that sphere

“It’s far, it’s new
it’s unexpected
Why not?”

He got his wallet,
Car keys and left,
his coffee was still emitting steam
on his desk, it was 9 am

He got into that shitty car
that is on the verge of falling apart
drove to the airport
he felt his body transform
into an internal compass
he felt a drive guiding him
without precisely knowing how
where, when and why

He paid for the ticket
with fingers crossed
hoping that when the woman swipes
his card, all he sees is card “approved”

Reykjavik – Gate B12″
He ran, carelessly,
with peaks of adrenaline
pounding from his chest
As he boarded, he closed his eyes
as if he was clearing all that was once there

When he opened them, he noticed
that he slept through the flight
a dream any passenger has

The door of the plane opened,
it was the afternoon
he had to take the stairs to
touch new grounds

The air smelled of magic
he couldn’t explain how or why
Feeding his internal compass
his footsteps had a mind of their own
they took him to an old castle
its gothic architecture intimidated him for a second
its majestic glory over came his tiny existence
he felt lost, he loved it

As he walked past the gargoyles
and the eyes of staring paintings
he laid his vision on one specific portrait
it was inviting, she looked back at him
Her pale blue eyes, hypnotized him, a feeling he hasn’t felt for years
the painting was in the center of the castle

the hallway to get to her was ceiling-less
the aurora borealis laminated the place
it’s galactic cocktail of colors
lit the corridor with its light

He felt the light kiss his skin
he could see them in her eyes
as he got closer to her

The naked portrait of that woman
felt out of place in a royal castle
but hey, that didn’t bother him
he slowly got closer, he was being magnetized
towards her by her eyes, the magic of the aurora borealis
colored her pupils with galactic blue

He is in front of it
he could feel her breathing
he could see the picture morphing from 2D
to 3D!

Her breasts move up and down with every breath
her look was filled with love, it seems like she knew
it is what he needed, she needed that too
she was all alone, in that huge gothic castle
she laid her eyes on the first creature that looked like her
breathed like her, had eyes likes hers
hungry to feast their vision on a beautiful
living soul

He pulled out his hand so as to feel the paint
to reassure himself that this is happening
to escape the walls of conformity that he built for himself
he wanted to defy the laws of physics. the laws of reality
the laws that governed his life, the ones his parents taught him
the ones adulthood inflicted on him, the ones the killed his fantasy
and cubed it in a cubicle

He was shaking, hoping it would be real
She still looked at him, her eyes didn’t divert from his
she wasn’t ashamed, even though she was clothed in pure pale white skin
that reflected her royalty, she was adorned with jewels
the ones her royal family placed on her

She felt at ease, even though he was the first stranger
she sees, she experiences

As he slowly got his palm closer
and placed it on that portrait
the ink started to melt
off of her skin,
he placed it on her chest

suddenly, to his surprise
he felt trails of goosebumps
all over his body

When he contacted the painting
a heart
in sync with

He looked at her beautiful face
and saw a smile surfacing

at that moment
they became
united in

Alfred Cheney Johnston


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