It began with silence
like most things crucial
there was nothing more
than the mere sounds of stars
glistening and marking the sky
with their presence

I could rest my eyes
on planet earth, it is so blue
with spots of green, continents
earthlings call them

That third planet was as mysterious
it stirred my curiosity – even though
I only get to glow for a mere 12 hours,
my love does the rest during the day!

I look down on them, these creatures
that roam the earth, these humans
they move with such careless night
I think it’s the night – there is something about it
I always see them with colored drinks in their hands
with sticks of smoke, I sometimes see them
move with noise, nice noise – I over heard it once
when I was full, I got so low
to earth, I felt the vibrations from their
steps, I even heard what they call it

I also see two people
sometimes sitting somewhere
just staring back at me
it makes me wonder, what they wondering
they don’t speak much, they don’t dance
they just sit next to each other, sometimes they get close
and they just marvel at me.. odd!

I see the sea, it looks black when I am out
even though from my view in space, it’s blue
I have control of the tide, which is pretty cool
but other than that, it does look scary,
a great black blanket, moving with the wind
kissing the shores, keeping boats afloat
covering the undersea world

I am jealous, to see how earthlings live
they apparently wait for me to show up
so they can enjoy the night, enjoy themselves
poison themselves, feel the wild spirit engulf them

I asked my lover once, the sun
“what’s the difference between your vision of earth
and mine?”

She smiled at me and said “my love
you glow with lust, your darkness ignites
the deepest of flames,
you cast a spell on them
strip them out of their
shelled day-form
and drive them
to embrace their
pure natural



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