Kohl Laced

He had it all
the life, the girls,
the wives for that matter

The castle, the jewels,
the gilded bed, the egyptian silks
that slip off of his skin during sleep
the servants, under his every will

The looks, he was so handsome
eyes dark as coal, full of mystery
overflowing with confidence
spilling with his charisma
unique to all those who know him

He wakes up
with women around him, satisfying his sight
his slight plights, or just there to compliment
his beautiful masculinity

He wakes up with breakfast
next to his silk covered bed
its silver platters filled with exotic fruit
from foreign lands

Limbs of sleeping women
cross his chest
yet his eyes remain as lifeless as a dry wheat

Every morning chore requires
him to leave his chambers
and sit on that gilded throne of his
a slight hand gesture,
either approved or declined
a tedious job
for someone who has everything
and is able to do anything

His afternoon consists
of political meetings
where he still remains lifeless
like a burnt match he just rests his head on his hand
hoping for something to spark his interest
every sigh he breaths
silences a whole colosseum of political figures
yet, he has nothing worthy to share afterward
they all glare at him awaiting a decision making nod
however, it’s just silent

As the night covers the sky
with its royal blue blanket
ornamented with glittering specks
he visits his harem
where his diverse array of beautiful women lay

He got used to the beauty
none move him as much as a new gift used to
they are all gorgeous, beyond measure
kohl infused eyes, filled with dessert sparkling stars
body tanned, the sun made love to their skin
left its signature color, seducing the moon
and all its galaxies
that skin, known for arab beauty, unique allure

until one night
when he was alone in his chambers
an unexpected knock was heard
“Come in” with a stern yet neutral voice

“Your majesty, you have a message
from the land across the blue,
its here and ready” the servant said apologetically
since it was late

“Let me see her” the king said
knowing its going to be yet another
message to add to his harem

“bring her in” the servant said
a veiled woman, in black walked in
her stride emitted confidence
something that stirred something in the king’s being
he straightened his posture from his relaxed one

the servant closed the door
the woman, removed the veil
the first thing he saw from the distance between his bed and the door
was her ebony dark hair, perfectly laying on her shoulders
those feminine yet defined shoulders

its darkness, lured him to visually explore more
He scanned her
her breasts were covered in an emerald brassiere
she was a gift after all
her waist was curvaceous with a flat belly
laced with a belt of coins melodically that chimed
as she walked towards him

Knowing her next steps
she moved her belly to the beats that she made
he was glued, his eyes were wide open
he has transformed from a KING to a simple man with natural urges
a single man with natural forces storming inside of him
just what he needed

Her leg peeked from the cut her skirt had
smooth tanned, toned legs, her anklet even
snuck a peek

He stood up, and walked towards her
maintaining his cool, he walked in circles around her
inspecting her perfection, but in his mind he was marveling at it

She felt her magic embrace him,
she found his weakness
now it was time for her to play, to conjure some
natural sorcery

She cupped his face
and resigned from the fact that he was a great ruler
she positioned his eyes on hers
kajal laced eyes
“I need to retreat to the harem, my king, I am tired
from my journey”

He was silent, dumbfounded
seduced, amazed that nature can create
something bizarre

She left without his consent

The king felt something different
something he did not know was possible to even acknowledge
He lay in bed
his mouth did a weird movement,
his lips moved to the sides of his cheeks
he was forming … a smile

Sunrise, it couldn’t come more earlier for him
He woke up, pushed breakfast away
wore his robe rushed down to his harem
rushed down to her

He looked across the sea of naked women
across a platform of gifts, temptations
scavenging for her

she was there, clothed in her natural state
clothed with pure flawless skin
by the mosaic turkish bath
she caught his eye
yet ignored him and continued to step into the lukewarm waters

Feeling innocent, fighting to maintain his kingship attitude
He went up to his chambers, and summoned her

anxiously, he waited, he walked from side to side
his jewels, his castles, his possessions suddenly disappeared
there were no more crucial,
the glistening appeal felt invisible

“knock knock”

“YES, come in”

The servant’s hand opened the door
but he remained outside
he closed his eyes as in to purify them
to grace his first sight with hers

she entered with a translucent
white robe falling on her body
She glanced at him
“my king”

all that graced that night
were his heartbeats
her breaths
and the magic
of the nocturnal
that embraced
her body

harem 1


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