She was in a dark hallway
with flickering lights
her heart was beating
illuminating energy to the walls
they felt like they were breathing

The motion of the haunted ship
carried droplets of water from one wall to her face
she was mortified
she could hear the ocean roaring outside
waiting to get a taste of her
to swallow her sweet soul
to reunite her with the many many ones
it had swallowed whole

It roared like a hungry lion
waiting for his lionesses to grace him with a corpse
but the ocean did not settle for lifeless bodies
for every time it swallowed a human,
his or her screams are transformed into waves
into singing voices that lure the most curious of pirates

With hands wide spread on the wet walls
that were vibrating with life
she made her way through the salt infused air
to the end of the hallway
where she could see a door
it was a red door, glowing through
the dim lights the were swinging in the hallway

Scared for her life, she was alone,
she did not know how she found herself on that retched ship
she just wanted a way out to the deck

with the strength she had left in her
she grasped the handle, she didn’t know she was shaking that badly
and pulled down, the creaking of the door did not help in subsiding the horror
the roaring of the waves got louder, she heard humming screams
she knew, those were the souls swallowed by the sea
alerting her not to mess with the ocean to just accept her fate

She refused, injected with fear
eating her body whole, her mind was racing
she was seduced with life, that she could not but
have a taste of it, heck
she wanted it all for her, in her
surrounding her

She entered that dark room
the level of water was filling up
she was sensing everything with her hands
it was too dark

suddenly, she slid and hit the wall
her body went numb
at this state, her natural instincts kicked in
the wallows of the ocean , gave her strength
she transformed those dead screams into music
she even used her heart pumps as beats to them

She made her own deathly melody
she stood up and walked straight
the flickering lights gave her glimpses of the scenery around her

in the midst of chaos, of roars
of salty unpleasant kisses
cold feet, and droplets of goosebumps

all went silent
as if it was the peace before the storm
as if it were those deep sleep moments before the wake up call
and she felt a cold hand on her foot
clutching her with bony frozen fingers

A screeching dark voice made the hairs in her ears vibrate
“You belong to me”
in a split second between her last breath
and the next water infused one she will have
she closed her eyes
and hummed a lullaby

the one her Mom used to sing to her
in thunderstorms
the soothing strumming of her vocal chords
eased the grip on her foot
and in front of her blurry gaze
and wet lashes
she saw the water morphing
into a person, a beautiful man
then slowly from the waters
bodies emerged, families,
women, children, brides

They were made out of water
she opened her eyes
her feeble body was shaking from cold and fear

shocked and amazed
her jaw dropped
and she could feel what they were saying
they couldn’t vocalize
but her skin did feel, her eyes could see
her ears could hear
They were humming the lullaby
she used to calm herself

It got louder and louder
until one point
she realized
that the humming got louder and louder

and she could feel her body
they all melted together, uniting their souls
and created a force to lift her
from that wrecked ghost ship

Her body was thrown on the wet sand
the ocean seemed calmer
kissing her feet at every ebb and flow

She rose up
sandy and wet
she looked in to the horizon
she saw them
melting into the ocean
calming his waves
and humming that lullaby
that made nature’s angriest elements
as calm
as the cold night’s

clara lieu wading


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