Paper and Lines

She was in her room
biting on that pencil bottom,
contemplating those thoughts
fencing in her mind

The paper was blank
the lines on her notebook
were aching for the lead number 2 pencil
to generate something

The paper was yearning for meaning
the plain white, blue lined paper
wanted to host a story, it wanted to host
the beauty of her brain

It was pulsating with excitement,
she knew that when she sits and bites that pencil
something will happen!

Hours passed, and nothing happened
the paper did not feel the pressure of her emotions
channeled through that pencil
the paper, was as blank as her mind
she looked back at the girl, sitting on her wooden chair
with a wine bottle in hand and a pencil in the next

The paper could see the joust that’s happening
between the ideas in her head, and was baffled at the fact
that nothing could escape that skull cage where they are harnessed

The paper summoned the lines
to guide her to her muse
it sensed something was wrong with her writer

“Lines leave me blank and white
lead her to her muse, let her mind delight
I want her to spill her thoughts so clear
on my lines so straight with nothing to interfere”

The lines popped out of the paper
and with a very smooth movement
wrapped around her waist
pulling her towards the nearest escape from that murky
smoke infused room

They carried her from the window
she was stressed, hoping gravity would have mercy
and let her float
she couldn’t understand what was going on
but she felt like something heard her calling
little did she know it was that blank paper
hoping for a story to fill its whiteness

They carried her across buildings
where she saw lovers in bed
panting and breathing
across houses, where a young girl was wishing upon a star
across sound blasting apartments, across a couple fighting
they carried her up to the stars, to have a taste of magic
she extended her arm so catch one, but she was too slow

The lines had a mission, to take her to the muse
across the stars and the dark sky,
above lonely, empty parks
and brushing against the tips of trees breathing
the cold night air

The lines rested her feet at the bottom of an ivory stairway
the way up was decorated with golden ivy forming a railing
separating it from the clouds that covered the view
the lines curved into swirls and pushed her up
there is no way but UP!

Every stair made music as she stepped on it
by the end of the first 3 she conducted the most beautiful of melodies
Happy at that, she ran, up creating a symphony
that complimented her emotions,

suddenly they ended, and so did the music
she looked behind her to reassure herself
that the lines are still visible,
…they weren’t
she frantically hovered her vision
just to see them forming the silhouette
of an alluring woman

“Here, this is what’s missing”

She handed the girl a jar
with a heart in it

“This is your heart, you have
ignored it for sometime, so I took the liberty
of keeping it in a jar for you”

The girl, bedazzled, grabbed the jar
and silently walked down the stairs
with a different melody
it started off slow, then became inspirational

her steps picked up pace
she ran down the stairs with the lines
shadowing their movement behind her
when she reached the end…
she jumped and the lines carried her home

Excited, the heart in the jar, started beating
it glowed the jar lighting the night sky
shining her path,
she looked like a shooting star to those below
with a red glow

She got to that room, the paper was waiting on that cherry wood desk
the lines, aligned themselves on it
She placed the glowing jar next to the paper
found her bitten pencil
and placed the sharpened lead head
on the first line

She looked at the beating heart, glowing the jar
at the corner of the table
smiled and wrote
“Paper and Lines”

lines guide


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