Alcohol Allies

She found herself in the local pub
on a Thursday aching for that drink
to soothe the thorns in her day
to quench them with that sweet sweet poison
that she longed for at 7:00 pm

It was her favorite pub
she walked in, the bartender nodded
for he knows her poison
“an almost transparent
vodka cranberry”

Scanning the place, she wanted to be alone
with her drink, cigarettes, and the dingy smell
of wet wooden tables dancing with the hums
of excited friends, co-workers, even lovers
sharing mindless conversations that eventually led
to a point, after a couple of gulps

She found a round table at the corner of the place
placed her purse on the hook below,
and lit a cigarette, the first puff is the best
especially, when every exhale is complimented with a thought
stitched to your brain

She saw her drink hovering over people’s heads
making its way to her, she smiled
The pseudo-transparent color was enough judgement
she loved it strong, she knows her poison!

It got darker, the drink was half way done
her ashtray counted her cigarettes for her
knowing that at this stage, she won’t count anymore

Her posture became relaxed
her smile stamped on her face, yes she was alone
with the smoke, the cocktail of perfumes
the music, the multi-colored crowd
until she saw a hand move the chair in front of her
“who says you can sit here?”

“You invited me!” he said with a smile
with blurry vision and a sense of freedom
(thank you vodka)
she asserted “I certainly did not, I think you have the wrong table”
while she was excavating her memory for any connection to this man
a drink was set in front of him, it was the same as hers
“What the hell is going on?” she recited to her brain hoping for a response

“I always come here with you, but honestly
you’re never alone”
She started gawking at him
he was blurry, vague actually
faded colors
maybe its a long lost lover
an ex perhaps who has the balls to show up
or maybe just a random constant, like her, in that bar

“You always bring me along, especially
when you know it’s a bad day, and especially when you
order this cranberry colored concoction”

She was still silent
going through chapters of her history
just to put a name to that face
that confident face  in front of her
that apparently accompanies her
every time she rests her lips
on that crisp taste that seduces her inhibitions

conversations erupted between her
and this stranger, drink after drink
his colors became more vivid, his voice
more clear, his contour actually visible

After contemplating
and tossing this question
in her tipsy mind, she gathered her guts
and blurted it out, after she exhaled a long drag
from the last cigarette in her pack

“what’s your name?”
He tilted his head, smiled
and turned off her cigarette for her

“Why it’s about time you know”
“My name is Vérité
you always bring me out when you drown
yourself in alcohol, and the real you surfaces
bringing me into every conversation
Basically, you can say me and your drink
are allies bringing the truth out of you
more and more

drinks and strings


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