Straight Jacket Lovers

It was another therapy session at the psych ward
it was a circle of shaved heads,
surrounding one voice, belonging
to a woman with free arms
a strong presence
that’s deemed sane

She always thought she never belonged there
but as per her unstable mental status
she was stamped with the red ink of

She sat there day after day
with the breezes against her bold head
in a straight jacket, that was so uncomfortable at first
but now, it’s become normal

It feels like that embrace
is the only one she will be getting for a while
so her hands rest criss crossed from her chest
feeling what’s left of that beating heart of hers

As the sane voice mumbled bits of cognitive sense
the circle of straight jackets wondered
their minds flew past the straps, past the bars
to places where their insanity was welcome
where their reality, was their own

As her vision moved from one part of the circle to the next
just to make sure everyone is there,
this instilled a sense of comfort, for some reason
she paused at one person looking back
she didn’t know for sure
whether he’s been there before or not
due to the medication, the daily dose
of stupor inducing drugs

She always thought the nurses never wanted to work
so might as well color their medical cups
with m&m look alike relaxants

With lifeless eyes, she looked back at him
he smiled, he seems normal she thought
why is he here, then again, to each a story

Over the mumble of the therapist in the middle
he silently lipped “run away with me”
Her head glitched,
“me?” she lipped back

He was a mix of Alain Delon
with a rough musky side, sitting across from her
in that circle of insane beings
His dirty blond hair was barely visible
(we all had shaved heads)
His jaw was drawn, or copied from the statue of David
lips, well define, skin pure as the summer sky

She was startled at the fact that this is happening

Therapy was done, everyone zombied their way
to their rooms, mattress covered, barred window rooms
Let’s not forget the cocktail drugs before bed

She loved her thoughts, she narrated them to herself every night
(Maybe that’s why she’s there, she tells stories, she voices her thoughts)
She heard some crackling noises,
barefoot, fearless,
(she’s in a freaking psych ward nothing scares her)
She looked through the key hole,

“I meant it, come with me
I need your presence, I can hear your thoughts in that circle
I love your stories, I lay awake, listening to them
you describe them so beautifully, you have so much love in there
let’s go share it with the world
but mostly, I want you to share it with me
color my white straight jacket with bits of your imagination
kiss me with your bottled energy,
be my sunset with bits of that smile that you speak of so abundantly
but never do .. ” he said

The door opened, the screams in the psych ward helped
they were too loud and redundant that the nurses will never wake up to the opening of a metal door
She could not fathom what’s happening
this handsome person, does not know her, of her, her history
her case, but what surprised her is his infatuation with what identified her as insane
her storytelling at night, to herself, to the moon, the stars
her silence in the circle

He pulled out his hand, waiting for hers
something stirred in her, her rib cage could not contain
those heart beats, she rested her hand in his
he looked at her and smiled
“i know”

With bare feet and white pants and shirt
they ran down the stairs, past the electric shock therapy room
across the long moonlit hallways
to the exit, they stood still
hand in hand,
“You’ll be my moon light magic
i’ve heard that story, it’s your favorite
you actually sing that one”

“You are my moonlight magic
lift me from this room so frantic
grow my hair with light so dim
and bring him to me to embrace me 
in the midst of these moments so grim” 

She, never knew anyone listens except for the moon

He grabbed her hand, wrapped the other around her back
pulled her closer, embraced her,
when she noticed his eyes
they glowed like the moon, he kissed her,
her hair grew with silver locks
“It’s YOU” she said

they both looked at the door
and rushed
hand in hand

With a smile on her face
the first this moon
has ever seen
in ages

steve hamm straight jacket


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