August is such a merciless month
the sun does not shy from flaunting its rays
through shutters, glass windows, onto your skin
this infatuation with your smooth cover

The moon, oh the moon and his borrowed light
August nights, are just something else
the world is still, not a breeze in sight
the trees long to sway in spring and autumn
but in August, they are still, marveling at the stars
like us

You lay there in bed
its 3 am, the fan is circulating the warm night air
full of lust, love stories, mystery, calm
it’s hot

Your light flannel feels like a coat
your skin weeps tiny droplets of sweat
begging you to take it off!

Your bedroom is dark,
the city outside is slowly diving into slumber
yet you are awake, wide awake
seeking any source of coolness
suddenly your instincts kick in

You remove that shirt
your skin rejoices as the summer wind slowly kisses
your belly, you smile and sigh in relief
voicing your skin’s pleasure

“this did help” you thought
naturally, you revert back to how nature intended you to sleep
you bask your fully naked body on your bed

Your skin is breathing, it’s rejoicing the fact
that its pores can inhale some cool crisps of wind
that slowly nestle on your silhouette

Your sheets stay away from such beauty
they don’t want to choke the relaxed state you are in
they move with your body, carefully crafting
the beautiful story of your body’s movement during the night
drawing a blueprint of your night’s movement
every curve has a plot, every position too

The moon peeks through your green shutters
with gleaming eyes, capturing the magic of the human form
of your human form

what is this beauty of sleeping in your natural suit?

with every move you seduce the night sky
with every inhale and exhale, your skin rises and falls
your belly still, calm,
you seduce the moon into creating marvelous high tides

Your hair flawlessly follows your bodily motions
as you sway to the melody of the beats of your dreams

You embrace yourself
You find comfort in feeling your brisk extremities
on your skin

The bedroom becomes your ballroom
you dance with your dreams
you sway with your fantasies
while the stars light up the sky
and the moon marvels
at your body
in the heat
of an August



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