Wolf Cry

It’s humid and dreary
the ever green trees trail on each side
of the engraved over-walked path

She took a deep breath
and exhaled, secreting all the toxicity inside
She felt so small compared to the towering trees
that looked down upon her

Her hair fuzzes defying gravity
its extremities ache to touch and feel
something else, that’s not concrete

The river water ripples music to her walk
the none existent wind only shows himself
in the waltzing of the branches

Her pale skin added color
to the greenery around her
her scarf wrapped tightly around her neck
protecting her from the mist that’s slowly seeping in from the skies

As she stepped in mud puddles
with anger and anguish
mud splashed on her rain boots
she smiled at the humane destructive nature
that she harnessed within

As the mist started descending
she scurried through the green curtained forest
followed the narrow river towards a dimmed light

With every step she took, a rain drop fell
they glowed in the misty presence
as her feet picked up speed, the rain increased
the droplets looked like descending shooting stars

She ran leaving behind her
a trail of glowing droplets
she approached a concave wall

The darkness inside wasn’t as threatening
as the nature outside
She stood there, between 2 worlds
One with vast extremities, endless space
and the other with darkness and unknown dimensions
the glowing rain stopped with her feet

the mist dulled her background
creating a gradient of green and earth
the cave echoed back with a windy melody
her pupils longed to dissect the inside of the concave hole

Even though she felt nature’s energy pull her back
her curiosity drove her to explore,
nature even started to orchestrate a symphony to seduce her
it started raining again
seducing her colored eyes with hues of earth
signaling her not to embark on a dark lonely journey
calling her back to her wild self

The cave is mysterious and new
she thought she might give it a try
but there’s something fishy
Nature is acting up, the roots from the trees
hugged her, they know her true self more than ever

her silence was heard between the leaves,
her quiet cries were felt by the earth beneath her feet
her sadness was reflected in the river water, when she set her glance there
her insecurities were echoed in the raindrops that showed her
how bright things can be

When she wanted to take a step further
the branches tugged her back
stripped her from her clothing
she was the “Eve” of nature at that moment

stripped from all the loathing and hatred
that led her to escape the concrete jungle
that was slowly collapsing on her
that was slowly covering up the great blue sky
that was her escape, wait.. an escape for her thoughts

When she was tugged back
she felt the roots inject her spine
with mother nature’s medications
lifting her spirits
coloring her eyes
giving her
a different
of the world
that she thought
she knew

She rubbed her eyes
then opened them
feeling like
she’s the most
beautiful creature

she stood there
and howled
awakening the world

wolf girl


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