Her Galactic Love

She just stood there
with a tornado of emotions inside
yet her smile was as serene
as a calm night’s sky

I looked at her, her skin trembled
with stories and her eyes shone with
a sense of longing

“What’s wrong?” I asked
From the way she tilted her vision from the smoking cigarette
in her hand, to my eyes explained a flood of emotions
yearning to feel the air outside of her breath
aching to be heard

She grabbed my arm, her car keys
and scurried down the stairs, her speed made me feel
like I was floating

We got to the car that was parked on the curb
ignition roared and she floored the gas
so as to escape what was confining her thoughts

As she sped, I was anxious to hear
all that turbulence that channeled into that speed
in a split of a second, she opened the windows
and said
“imagine you have 2 galaxies
one with stars that shine bright with knowledge
the other with gleaming stars that hold on to you
because you give them their glow” 

I looked in front of us
and we were driving past the cars
elevating up into the night sky

I put my hand outside
and I could feel the clouds
as they escape between my fingers
like cotton

“listen, we’re going beyond
here have a sip of water, it’s going to get dry
we will go far from the garbage that’s clouding my mind
up to that planet”
She pointed outside her window
to a big purple planet with many moons

I took a sip of water
and my heart raced
realizing I was in the freaking sky
in a car with my friend

She drove with background music
but after I had that sip, I could feel her heartbeats
in my chest, I could almost hear her thoughts
in hums, yet I remain silent, so as to avoid instilling
any thoughts of mine in hers

I lay my head on the window on her car
the stars will nestling in my hair, it felt euphoric
a feeling that’s foreign to mankind
imagine happiness infused with genuine smiles and positive heartbeats
imagine that trampoline jump when your in the air
and your hair is weightless
that feeling

It seems she escapes earth quite a bit,
she knows how to ride the galaxies
to get to where she wants to be

I could see the purple glowing planet
the car rode there, actually flew there
and landed softly

I opened the car door with the water bottle in my hand still
my heart wanted to jump out of my chest for some reason
and scavenge for anything
the softness of the planet’s ground felt like marshmallows

“Come over here, this is where we will sit,
the sun’s view from here is epic and keeps
you warm”

I sat next to her and to my surprise
there were groups of people with water bottles everywhere
in groups, couples, friends and so on
“My 2 galaxies differ
I can breathe in one and in the other
my breaths go dancing with his
I am caught between a glowing star and a shooting one”

I nodded, I knew it

“I am the sun in one and
in the other a million moons
tell me, which galaxy would you prefer?
The one with you in the center of the planets
of the one that revolves around the planets?”

Every time I wanted to say something
my voice would disappear
until she grabbed the water bottle from me
drank from it and smiled
“see this is a dilemma that all the solar
powers combined could not solve”

she grabbed my hand and
gulped the last sip from the bottle
We landed butts first
on the couch in my apartment
with cigarettes still lit in the ashtray
as I leaned in to get my cigarette
i noticed my hands had purple dust
and the cigarette was flickering

I looked up
I saw her, with the water bottle next to her
she took a drag and exhaled
the galaxy that she longed
to embrace

galaxy smoke


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