Toes in the sand
she looked to the side
where her friend sat there
squinted eyes
fighting the light of dawn

The cold granules
filled the space between her toes
massaging the soles of her feet
it seems it was a rough night

They could tell
from the nicotine taste that settled
in their mouths
the after taste of vodka
and the lovely cigarette scent that entwined
in their hair

As she dug her toes deeper in the sand
the cold sensation trailed up to hands
the sky was being painted with hues of yellow and orange

“Let’s pause this” she said
careless about the hazards she took 2 cigarettes
lit them both and handed one to her friend
who is still at peace with the horizon

they both simultaneously exhaled
the messy bits of a night that is muddled
between the memory snaps of dancing
ordering drinks and driving to where they are

It seems their hearts needed peace
it seems their inner compass pushed them
in their drunken states to sit on that beach that day

Silence was never louder than ever
there was some sense of tension between the 2
felt but not vocalized, they need this

Little did they know
that the moment was paused as per her wish
the sky remained the hue they marveled it
but to their mental distraction
this meant nothing
the whole world stopped,
the waves stopped,
the noise in the background was no longer there

but they oh they, were lost
in a world that only those who dare
wander in

the mental world of connection
is one filled with the temper of the ranging sea
the power to transform what is seen in the visible eye
into how the brain wants to process it
it can be a beautiful and horrible thing

They both conversed in silence
the sky’s colors changed according to the intensity of the mental exchange
they were peeling each other’s layers,
they were discovering hidden secrets,
skeletal over skeletal remains in rooms of closets
they were dissecting each other,
all this
in silence

The portrait of the paused view in front of them
changed from yellow and orange to violent velvet
and burning red
they were smoking those death sticks
and painting a portrait of feelings
at the ends of their vision

One girl removed a flask
from her pocket
and gave it to the other
their breaths danced with the salty air
of the sea, and those of their cigarettes

their vision was a collision of colors
one girl smiled at what she saw,
she took the flask, downed a gulp
and watched as
the sky tuned to calm crystal blue
with strides of pale pink

Her friend did the same
When she was done, she wiped
the dripping droplets
from her chin with the shirt she was wearing
and got closer to her

She felt something’s wrong
She grabbed her hands and pulled her up
she knew her friend was getting lost
in the land of the unstable.. again

she grabbed her hands
looked into her pale blue eyes
and said
“let it all
trust me

vomit flowers


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