The gala was the cherry on top
of a hectic week they had
He had been suffering as
the stocks plummet and increase
creating scary heartbeats on paper
and she, has been struggling with her
charity ladies, figuring out which date
unites all them luxuriously busy ladies

That gala started at 10pm on Saturday
She with little effort slipped on her silk red dress
while he, carefully crafted his being into that
black suit that he bought for that occasion

They got there mingled
and hovered their martini glasses
as their bodies swayed from one social group
to the other

She was with her ladies frosted from head to toe
with glittering stones and shiny pearls
and he was on the other side
smoking his cigar with clean cut gentlemen
deciding where the next vocational escape would be

She glanced at him and he read her
across the hustle and bustle of the gala
“excuse me gentlemen, but the lady has spoken”
they excused him, because they too felt
that glance, the once that locked his into hers and spoke
to him, telling him, her being wanted to leave

He went across the crowds
held her hand and escorted her to the car
the city lights lead them home
she wobbled up the stairs
her dress hung on to every curve of her body
luring his eyes to follow every crease,
every goose bump visible

He followed her
up to their chamber
he knew she on the verge
balancing between sobriety and wickedness
He opened the door
he saw her,
he witnessed her dress defying gravity
leaving her skin flawlessly
her hands lifted the bottom
all the way up, until her dark black hair did the last escape

Her marveled at his beauty

praising his gods
knowing “she’s his”
was visible in a sly smile

The music filled the room
it was scenting the chamber with a sultry sensation
he walked in, letting his eyes wander
down her tanned skin, across that black laced bra
down her stomach that exhibited itself so proudly
flat and smooth,

She looked back at him
losing her body to her instincts
her tamed demons wanted to come out and play
her lusty emotions embraced him
creating a trail of goose bumps
down his back

He sat on the burgundy leather chair
soaking in the beauty his lover is emitting
Her limbs were guided by angels
the aura around her was flickering with seduction
her lover was sitting them, his arms were aching
to guide her Aphrodite silhouette to compliment his

He could “feel” her
even though she was distant
his finger tips could feel her shiny skin
his chest feels her heartbeat
he saw her demons
and he smiled

Yet she just danced with the music
guided by her angels, burning with her demons
waltzing towards him
She lifted one leg
and placed it between his

she leaned down
her body arched
her skin stretched on her bony structure
“come and claim what’s yours” she whispered

he, induced by the soft drug that’s her voice
felt his senses amplified
by this
that she so discretely instilled
in him

she straighten up
lit a cigarette and exhaled
the smoke
it engulfed his face
hypnotizing him
by what’s
about to

lips smoke


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