I walked down the aisle
of challenges guided by a tour guide
of 10 years experience

I let my vision visit the ornamented walls
I let my eyes sneak peeks at the images
behind the glass walls

I walked down the hallway
of dark walls and gawking eyes
scanning and x-ray visioning my existence

I noticed all of them had barcodes
of various lines and numbers
“is this future?” I pondered
The tour guide smelled of something burning
He held a stick that flickered at the end

I was not sure what it was
but I knew I liked the sadistic smell of it
He kissed it from time to time
and it seems to leave impressions of smoke in his mouth
that he exhaled from his nose and mouth
as he explained things that entered one ear
and left the other

My mind was infatuated by the creatures
behind glass rooms, there were various beings
of colors clothing, branded shirts and some were plain
but had an aura that surrounded them

As I walked down the aisle
getting lost in my mental state
I noticed the tour guide disappeared
leaving his burning stick in my hands

All of a sudden I heard a siren
the glass doors slid downwards
and the beings migrated in different paths
I was standing against the current
being basked by the innovative flood
of bodies

Their outer space conditioning
has left them blind to the real
their robotic senses has their brains hardwired
to dissecting the obvious
and working accordingly

I opened my mouth to speak
and I felt them circling me
like vultures ready to attack their prey

I felt like I was being stripped naked
their bar codes were obvious,
I could make the link between the ones that had the same numbers
They were labeled
and according to what label you are
their behavioral program changes accordingly

If you belong to ICX04
then their programmed minds
find the behavior that cooperates with that
and interact accordingly
Some were AUi09 others were W67RT

Once they gathered around me
I could see the static in their eyes
their programs could not hack into my code
WAIT … I had no code
That’s why
They were glitching in ways that scared me

I was in the center surrounded by beings with static eyes
and glitching noises

“Error..Error… could not identify code”
I heard that in echoes from the circle
I noticed that I still had that flickering stick

“Let me try this” I kissed it
it does leave a smoky impression
I exhaled it into their faces
they froze
and 3 people walked from the circumference
close to me

I noticed that their nape was bare as well
no code to de-program them to interact
that others were static,
frozen in place with glitching eyes
One girl grabbed my hand
so as to feel my program
she opened it facing upwards
my lines surprised her
“We found an earthling”

Apparently the static eyes
were a result of a virus
that humanity
injects from time to time

after a few seconds
the beings’ awoke from that state of trance
and scavenged to leech
on the human part
they looked at me with drooling mouths
and sprinted down the aisles
the hallways
just to get the static high
to taste
that escape
to lick that trip
that gave them a taste
of being



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