Fairly Eerie And Real

As my steps increase
the roads do too
the paths lead down streams
and valleys, sometimes they even hike
towards the sky, around skyscrapers
and into the clouds

It’s funny how life’s paths are never definite
for they truly depend on how every step is taken
one step with a different pressure
can create a turn, another packed
with emotions can create another

Sometimes when  your walking on these
spontaneously created paths, you tend to look back
and notice the stories written on the road
sometimes you see holograms of memories, still fresh
but for some odd reason, you can never ever
take a step back,
this odd force propels you forward

At first the path was swift, carefree and oh so easy
then I grew older, my weight and thought made them
less easy to create
certain burdens made me heavy
my thought capacity also anchored me

With every step I took, the pavement beneath me extended
once I do stop, they stop with me, I am their creator
but that stupid propellor never stops pushing me forward

I started with butterfly steps
weightless and beautiful
discovering things and taking them lightly
then I noticed my back had anchors on it
my skin had inscriptions of memories, those I hold dear
my hair fell, the weight of life took its toll,
it wanted me lighter to take more steps
my eyes, dilated excited at the mere fact
of the unknown

As I took each meticulous step
I heard a simultaneous one
I looked back, the path was blurred
but I could still align its borders

I lifted my foot
and before I set it down I heard

“You’re not hearing things
I am here
a mental creation 
of your own
I have been in the making
but finally I shone”

Frantic, I gasped for air
and looked around, at the roller-coaster paths
I created in the past

It was a dark cloak
I could barely see a face, but the hunch
and the slow movements made it look eerie

“I recently surfaced
something stupid I noticed
but as natural as it sounds
your artistic roads 
would not have been so beautiful
had you been so careful” 

She tried to ignore it
but he kept on behind her

It grabbed her hand
urging her to stop for a second
with a hand gesture he created 2 seats
facing back

“Sit here my dear
light a cigarette and burn me one
I am Fear
short for
Fairly Eerie And Real”
I have come to life

to push you to create more of this”

He pointed his boney fingers
at the paths that rode from valleys deep
to highs so steep

I took a drag and listened
I noticed that I always tried to silence him
I never listened
I never actually dedicated my ears to him

He sat there, then slowly removed his cloak
He was handsome, but pale, he’s never seen the sun
because I always made it a point to keep him in the dark
I never exposed him, to anyone

“Fear” I said
“Why now?”

“I am an unwanted ally
they always try to keep me silent
but you know, had it not been for me
see that, those fearless roads, paths” he pointed

“I held your hand when you conquered me
I was the architect behind this, lurking in your subconscious
not a sore loser, but a continuous one
loving the sadistic relationship you have with me” he sighed

As they sat pondering at the past
pausing the propelling force forward
he slowly moved his hand close to me
I could see it from the corner of my eye

“I’ll always be here
loving being conquered by you”

As he grabbed my hand
I felt something, in my heart
strong thuds, sweaty hands

“Don’t threat, think of the roads
we can create
with every battle you win over me”

He tightened his grip
“I love the way
defeat me”

Emily J. Moore - empty kingdom


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