Pond of Wires

A word was dropped through a tube
into a pond of wires
electrically and chemically combined

The currents defeat that of a flowing river
always constantly rushing
from one side to the other
always the same routine

With every blink the current get amplified
sometimes with so much power
that the current flows backwards
diving into a different direction
with just a little distraction
as a blink of an eye

It’s like the fast forward button broke
with so much around, that pond of wires
creates whirlpools of processing
it’s rushed so much that waterfalls emerge
from the weirdest corners

Yet this one word
corrupted the gears that kept things flowing, going
it got stuck between the teeth of forward grinding
It stopped the process of processing

“Error Reporting 404”

This is foreign to that pond of wires
it’s always smoothly flowed, electrical currents
blue and white, flickered musically, all day, everyday

Suddenly the eyes dilated
pausing the blinking process
halting the whole being
realizing that this flooding process
has been skipping bits and pieces
of information that’s supposed to be wired
through the network

Skipping a crucial step that made the flow
smooth, beautiful
skipping the emotional step that rewired
the whole connection thus making it
even more attractive

The rivers of information stopped
what a mind fuck, what’s wrong with a river
that stands still,
Waterfalls softened up
the pond of wires suddenly
took a moment a silence
and actually ignited something
an emotion, riding from one side of it
to the other
forcing the connected wires
to create a gesture on the face
of that being
it started by pulling one side of the lips
to the left
and the other to the right

The mere act of doing so
ignited a volcano of endorphins
the filled the wires with glowing current

“skipping” was dropped in the mental pond of wires
and it counteracted everything
that had to do with this word

It backfired and
to ponder
rather than swipe
flood, flow
or skip!

mental wires


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