In Bed

I was always there for her
she was a gallery of emotions
rollerblading between the highs and the lows

She would be the portrait with the resting face
and the one with turmoil
she would be the piece of art in the secure area
and the dingy graffiti on the streets

She would be the sexiest being
burning any male nearby
and she would be the innocence of
an angel comforting you at your time of need

She would be the lady
by your side
laced by the essence of amber
and the woman whose natural
simplicity stirs your insides
with mystery

Until one day I saw her naked
lying next to me, with sun kissed skin
to a point where you knew the sun
fell for her soft exterior

Her spine curved paralleling the bed
with her beauty
creating a path from her nape
to her dimples resting peacefully
at the end of her back

I lay there
assessing how can such beauty be real?
how can skin so perfect seduce mine to touch it
to feel it?

Every time she inhaled
her chest would rise up
aching to reach the skies
when she exhaled
her breath ornamented
the air around her with magic
a part of her soul
would float in the morning light

Her hair
that auburn hair
untamed with her nightly motions
dancing with every gesture
lay there
dominating space just for her aura
to settle

I always wondered what it would be like
to run my fingers through them
those curls of twisted origin
I bet they are so soft
that my fingers would never
want to flee

I wonder what goes on in her dreams
I wonder what happens when those green eyes of hers
move into rapid eye movement
what worlds she creates, what memories make her ache
I wonder who she thinks of, who makes her heart
beat to the symphonies of dreams
I simply wonder

Wait, she’s turning
towards me
that beautiful face,
those soft hands the cushion her cheeks

oh dear heart of mine, don’t wake her up
contain, restrain those loud thuds
I still want to cherish this
natural moment
naked between dawn and day

before she wakes up
and loses herself
to the world



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