Lucy opened her eyes
to the steaming cup of black coffee
next to her nightstand
“nightstand? I never had one” she thought

With messy golden hair, and sun rays
peeking through the holes of her shutters
she levitated her tanned body
using the energy in her arms

She always slept naked
she loved it,
“wait, who’s here?”

She grabbed that coffee
smelled that legal drug
and awoke the rest of her sleeping senses

“It was a rough night
I am home, I can smell the smoke
and taste the alcohol” the voice in her head rewinded

Lucy giggled as she sipped her black Folgers
She got out of bed wore her pink underwear
played the song that she woke up hearing
somewhere in the corners of her mind
“the verve – bittersweet symphony” 
and balanced her hangover with the walls of her room

The sun lit the path to her kitchen
she heard some rattling
“Good morning gorgeous” he said
with an innocent smile on his rugged face

She; startled;
crossed her hands covering
her chest,

She lay her eyes on this
tanned tall, man, in her kitchen
trying to find the spatula in her new house
“You know him” her mind poked her
“He’s your lover, has been since..?”

As Lucy got close to him,
hand crossed, he leaned in and kissed her
coffee laced lips
he giggled

“What’s going on?”
She’s in an apartment,
that’s gorgeous

“wait, it’s her apartment”
She doesn’t feel different
but something is different

She was 18 yesterday
her heart is still as youthful
as a wild horse
it pounds to the beats of the loudest drums
it thuds to the pleasure of life
it gets excited with the night
it’s untamed nature has pushed her to exceed
boundaries beyond her expectations

She went to the bathroom to wash
away the shock, hoping to regain some sense

She looked at the mirror
her eye liner has low tided
creating a shadow like appearance
Her face is different
still the same but she could see time
painting some extras on there

She suddenly realized
“I am growing up”
But her heart tells her otherwise

She looked around
her “supposed” lover in the kitchen
her apartment is actually an upgrade
from years of living independently
it’s home
Her body is that of a woman 2 years
shy from being 30

As she washed her face
the music kept playing
she blended in her surroundings
her lover
embraced her waist
kissed her neck
“breakfast is ready sweetness”
she giggled feeling that homely feeling again

She looked at the mirror again
to see their reflection together
“I do know him”

Her young
heart thudded
reminding her that
this reflected image
is just time
signing his signature touch
to a beautiful young
that will ameliorate
over time

She turned around
smiling loving the chaos of the unstable life she leads
looking at him waiting for her
on the porch, with breakfast
“i love that pink underwear” he says
as he exhaled the smoke from his cigarette
she stood there and said
” i know”

blue smoke 1


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