Down the Valley

Rimming, not the sexual one
you were rimming on the edges
of the bright valley
you walked on ledges
you stomped your feet on rocks
you left your mark on mud
and enjoyed as the sun lit the path
to the next peak

You hiked on highest mountains
you even fought the lack of oxygen
and kept going
you fought the critters that crept
in your boots to weigh you down
you even removed the burdens
that changed you along the way
that slowly ate the essence of you
just for them.. them

You even had a group
that you hiked with
along these bright edges
around the valley below
but they got seduced
by the colors of different flowers
by the scents of different reasons
and by the natural highs
that the lack of oxygen induced
they walked a different path
some of them even went back down the same
path they took

Some even gave you their bag-packs of burden
and left lightly skipping through meadows
as you hiked, one foot in front of the other
muscles aching, heart pumping

Until one day, as you crushed the dried weeds of guilt
leaving the green ones to lead the way
You slipped,
with a clear mind, you succumb to gravity
the sun, startled, even hid behind the clouds
so as to evade the sight of you
Your falling, past the group
that left you
they were standing there
basking in the past, mid way to the top
enjoying the greenery that they were attracted to
loving the colors, the natural drugs
that halted their hike

You were falling back into the valley
in between the mounds of stone
that surrounded it

it got darker as the sun summoned the clouds
to cover its eyes from the sight

When you landed, face down
in the pond of memories
that you left a long time ago
you realized
that it had transformed
to a green valley, full of hues that blended
beautifully to create
a mattress of natural cushion features
with patterns of flowers, weeds
and even trees

You pushed yourself up
you stood on those weary legs of yours
still pumping adrenaline
from that high hike
You realized the sky,
you never looked up
you were so concentrated on the edges
and each careful step
you forgot the beauty of the sky above
and mixed with the past from below

You removed that bag of burdens
given to you by the group
You took off your shoes
and nestled your feet in the greens
the damp ones around you

You looked up
the constellations loved you
looked down upon you

“now that’s something”

You removed the clothes of exhaustion
you basked in the skin you’re in
the stars have missed you
you stopped

You looked at the peak
the moment of achievement
that drove your ambitions
your hike, that fed your blindness
to other things around you
and said

“I was blinded by a mere peak
while the stars from down here
showed me a different sphere
of beauty”

and strolled down another path
under the dark sapphire sky
sporadically scattered with diamond stars
in the valley below
with a new sense of

night sky star girl


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