Nocturnal Love

While they were setting the tent
in the middle of the tree congested forest
She sat next to the fire
thinking of how sleep will meet her body
since she’s been deprived of it
for quote some time

Her therapist told her
to escape the city, her beloved sinner
and try some tranquility instead
hence the camping plan

As she heard the cracks of the tent’s skeleton
she looked at the fire trying to find the peace within
she tried to dissect the colors inside, the dominant orange
and the weak blue, flickering upwards towards the silky night sky

“It’s too quiet” she thought, she feared

She looked at the shadows that danced with the fire
the shadows that moved, the different shapes
then all of a sudden it started dimming,
then the flame burnt out, she was lost in thought
and forgot to feed it dead wood

Sleep was nowhere near her
she just sat there, underneath the stars
waiting for her friends…
she looked back at the stable site
“where are they? where’s the tent?”
She’s not used to that much darkness
her city lights always lit the darkest of allies
even when there’s no light, there was light
from a sign, a street light, even a candle somewhere

when she looked back at the remains of the fire
she saw a dark contour, towering over her,
she doesn’t remember a tree being there
she squinted her eyes, and slowly scanned the shadow
from the bottom, up

a pale boney, jagged boned face rest
lightly on the broad shoulders
that carried the cloak of darkness

Fear froze her
She could not notice
if that was one of her friends or not
“I took my meds,
I can’t be delirious” the rational voice in her head voiced

He turned around
something stirred in her
curiosity drove her wild
still, sleep was no where to be found

Some sort of attraction
between her and the cloaked man
was evident
she stood up, and followed the cloak
he was handsome she thought, at a very wrong time
his grey hair, bristled across his face
giving presence to the silent night breezes
his sapphire blue eyes, were dark enough to marry their black origin

His cloak hovered between the condensed evergreen trees
she knew they were evergreen from the scent that resonated
with her since childhood, in her cousin’s home
that settled in the west of the valley

His scent was of old amber and wood
married with petrichor, fresh petrichor
It was very distinct, to a point that it led her to him
in the midst of the dark night

She surprised herself
since she was in the middle of a forest
with a pseudo-real man, oblivious to the outcome
that will result of her recklessness

She paused, when she saw him stop
her turned towards her
held his hand out,
she’s never seen someone so pale before
so handsome and pale
his grey hair added some nightly charm
and that scent, was hypnotizing
She got close to him,
to sharpen the image of his features
that fell beautifully on his face
sapphire blue eyes,
grey hair, prominent jaw

“My dear” he said with a deep voice
that moves the rustiest of hearts

“I have heard your silent cries
calling out for sleep during the nocturnal hours”

As he held her hand
she felt his his, cold, refreshing
she felt her skin reacting is a series
of goosebumps

in a split of a second
he grabbed her close, embraced her shaking body
with his silky cloak
and landed his cold, wine red lips on hers
he took her last breath of insomnia
she felt her heartbeats change rhythm
her lips were bitten by this mysterious lover
who has been there every time she lay awake
fighting the night for some sleep

No breath, heartbeats slowed down
her body abdicated all sense of being
and fell into his arms like a dried leaf
tired of restlessness

When he moved his lips
her sweet red blood colored his
his pale face glowed, making the moon jealous
and he carried her to his castle
that nestled in the dead fire spot
in front of her campsite
where she was pondering
he killed
the flame
and took

“Sleep my love
let your warm body rest with mine
in a coffin of silk walls
sleep my darling,
for slumber has missed you
and my arms
have longed for
I am guilty of selfishness
but my dark world
only lacked your presence
and my nights

yoshitaka amano vampire


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