Wish Upon a Star

“I want to travel the world” she said
lying down on her back, in bed her
resting her legs upwards on the wall

“I want to taste the chaos of another place
see the dinginess of it all,
dust the dirt off of untold stories” her voice was excited
she spread her arms on the bed, so as to glorify
the excess space around her

He sat across from her
leaning on the bed frame with his book
with his shorts, fighting the heat.
There was no electricity

His vision always glorified her
whatever she did, he loved her

The night was kissing the day,
a farewell kiss, slowly coloring it
with its night hues

“I want to climb mountains and feel
that sense of achievement”
one that’s been so foreign to her
that she lives it through reading about it

He looked at her chest, as it heightened
her mounds were his perfect mountains
soft and perfectly cusped, he saw as the
night shadow slowly overcame them

“I want to go down damp valleys
discover a village of natives, primitive
lovely and …and simple”
his eyes slowly came down to her belly
the one exposed by her white shirt
with the help of sweat

He loved how flat it was, it hugged her ribs
and it was his valley, where he lay his head
it was his resting place,

“I want to see the sacred temples
ornamented by decorations through time
from various civilizations, various dedications
from prayers to wishes”

He closed his book and lay it on his thigh
and listened to her late night wishes
when all are asleep and when the mind flies
he listened to her voice, it was his ultimate high
to add to this moment, he rolled a cigarette and
kept on listening, marveling…smiling

“I want to learn the spice of different traditions
of life, love and well, the taboos” she giggled

He smiled, he knew why she giggled
he knew her ways of love and loved them dearly
“Taboos ha?” he said with a smirk

“Yes, I want to uncover the holy ways
of how love is exhibited, in art, in bed
in behavior” she exclaimed

He looked at her legs
as they extended on the wall
glorifying how her muscles
softly become visible with every move

“I want to jump into crystal blue waterfalls
feel the wind of adrenaline and fear
against my face and across my heart” she gestured
every element of that sentence with her hands
as if it were happening

He took a drag and let a smoke out
without moving his sight from this beautiful creature
on the bed they share, their resting place

“I want to swim in oceans naked
without any fear from jellyfish and sharks
maybe bump into a mermaid”

He gave her his cigarette
and lay on her belly, his soft resting place
he felt closer, as close as he can get, to be
part of those travels

There was still no electricity
but the light of natural moon glow
“Go on” he said

“I want to visit ruins
learn their stories, visit harems
and vicariously enjoy the ways
of pleasure” she took a drag
he felt her lungs expand

He turned his head to her
“those mountains my love
I went there, that beautiful temple
I lay there, those ways of love
I am learning them
right here
that wind across your chest
I feel it every morning
when you turn to me darling” his eyes locked on hers

“that different world you want to visit
Oh, I’ve been there, I fall in love
with a new discovery everyday” he said

“you never told me you were a wanderlust” she screamed in jealousy

“that world, is right here
on this bed
telling me about
a wish that
I thank my stars



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