Jump with me?

Leave it all to the “busy” ones
leave it all to those who care
walk away from the dark cloud of judgement
Ditch the insults and strip

Strip all attire that covers your skin
Net the burdens of society
box all the “you should’s” and “don’ts”

Cage the “this is how it’s done”
and squeeze in the “no one will approve”
pickle the “learn from your mistakes”
and bury the “this is how it’s done”

Burn the protocols
and smoke the cookie cutter mentality
chop the “life template” and recreate a new one
bake the “this is not acceptable” into a pie
of “this is what I am”

Melt the “marriage idea” and
mold it into a maze of love adventures
block the “you’re a grown up”
and build an empire of youthful souls

Transform the external bombs of discernment
into raining flowers of smiles and bliss
drive over the physicality of it all
and stomp to the beat of your own

It’s time, my beautiful one to
taste the forbidden fruit of your “true self”
After you boxed, chopped,
burned, smoked, driven over
and stomped over
that acidic rain of judgement

I suggest you take a look
at how alluring and light
this filtered world of yours

“Jump with me?”

“I’d love to”



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