Pickle Jar

He opened the kitchen cabinet
to retrieve a certain jar
left in the dark as prescribed
on its leaflet

“Pickle in vinegar and restore
in dark places”
more like wine, but its not drinkable

He moved the coffee jar along with the sugar
and rice container
He found it there, floating
in sea salt water and that acidic solution

He slithered his hand through
to grasp the treasured one
stuck in the back, lonely

he grabbed it, it was cold
and eerie, his mind raced with thoughts
all that was stuck were hazes of ideas
his mind was scared – he was oblivious why
“Maybe it’s because I am reviving it..it’s been a while” – who knows

He got it into the light
and set the jar on the table in front of me
He was stressed, since it feels like the first time
His mind has added a filter of grey to his life
it dulled it from

It was still beating, in that jar
“Good it still works” – phew
He feared opening the jar and placing
that organ in between his ribs
in that void

Before he did that
He read the description on the jar

“To revive the heart
one must set it in front of a projector
while in the jar and watch as

the scenes ignite the memory receptors
prompting the “remember process”

He still feared,
The reason why he pickled it
was that he was afraid
that it would break again
but now, he is simply bored with the mind
and all the thought process, the cautionary signals
he misses the spontaneity of the heart
but does he miss the heartbreak?

Dammit, there goes the mind again!

he wants to silence it, he wants to hush the logic
the rationale and the sane voice

“I am sick of to do lists
I am tired of the constant churning gears of my mind
I am exhausted from the “perfect” plan
It’s time for heart to take the spotlight
I am done with thinking about the next step

He set the projector the jar, pushed the button
and readied his eyes to feast of “remembering” how things work

“intro 1.” was projected on the wall
then a flood of butterflies filled his apartment
holograms of colorful winged creatures were painted
all over his walls

he felt he was being taken by a storm
of revived feelings
the butterflies flooded and surrounded me
entering his chest to his stomach

“that feeling, I know it”
His pale face, had a splash of healthy color
butterflies slowly faded out
and here came a tidal wave happiness
glowing from that heart in the jar
the scene was embodied in a carousel of pictures
moments, songs, laughter, drunk nights
it engulfed the room with a warm feeling

He pushed the off button on the projector
He was overwhelmed with a stupid smile on his face
He heard the keys of his girlfriend outside, shackling

“Hey hun” she said

He stood up, hugged her
NO… wait.. he embraced her like she’s been gone for months
“I’ve missed you” he said

she looked at the table and saw the pickle jar empty
she smiled and hugged him back

“I’ve missed
this you 

and hugged him,
like the first



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