Against Odds

3:00 am
she’s balancing her mind
on the line of sobriety and instability
her vision has blurred the outlines of her surrounding
it’s a busy night, you hear the murmurs you smell
the cocktails of colognes competing to seduce
the specific woman tonight
you can smell the aggressiveness
of jousting scents in the air,
be it for men or women,
there was a seduction game at play

She sat there, an outcast
balancing on one extended leg
and the other bent, resting on the bottom of the bar stool

The band was playing a tune, that took her back
she sang along, slurring some words
the alcohol ate that part of her memory

“Hey let’s leave”

She got up, her head was fine,
that smile was there, she feels at home
a twisted part of her enjoys this state
of blurriness

She got in the car, she couldn’t careless
where the wheels drove to
The night couldn’t be darker,
the ride couldn’t be smoother or so she thought

He pulled the breaks,
“get out, look at that”

I couldn’t make up the vision,
my glasses were lost in the darkest abyss of my purse
and my motor skills with them

I opened the door and stepped out
feeling the grainy feeling of sand

“I am taking off my shoes, I like the cold feeling of night sand”

Her friend ran in the ocean
defeating all sense of logic
she sat there digging her memory for some rationale
at that point, they seemed far fetched

she stood up, took two steps towards
the big black unknown, with roaring sounds
she took a deep salty breath
and walked with a straight posture
she feared nothing

it is at this point that she realized
she has attained a treaty
with what the great unknown throws at her

She walked till her feet lost touch with the sand bottom
she floated
swaying with the waves under the stars
she was the only one separating the skies
from the roaring belly of the sea below
she felt so small, so indefinite
yet  so serene

Then out of the unknown a huge wave
recklessly threw her feeble body on a giant body
of hidden rocks, then another round of waves
disrupted that moment of silence
and washed her ashore

chaffing her legs and knees
the burning sensation was diluted
by the amount of alcohol she had
she stood up
wet, sandy, and cold
with bleeding legs
and screamed


and ran again
against all odds
against all pushing waves
and found a quiet
calm spot
in the middle of
this great black
unknown surface
under a
blanket of stars

star swimming


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