The night peeked
at the sun rays
it snuck glimpses during the day
and marveled at how beautiful
they snuck between the clouds
how they glittered a path
that connected earth and sky

He marveled at how her golden presence
seduced everyone to leave their cubed homes
and lay there, giving themselves to her

One moment,
while the world was caught between sunset and darkness
the night caught the sun, while she was undressing
the world from its yellow gleams and wearing her night gown
of purple, orange and red

He was speechless at her presence
he had so much to tell her, but when he was caught in the moment
his vocabulary seemed to melt with her beautiful sunset
she looked at him, she’s seen him at every sunset
it was a rien de vous but never a date per say
this was when his love for her started to boil within him
the night unleashed his power onto humans
his wild side was channeled from him
to those lovers urging them to enjoy something
that he, himself has longed for

Before the sun went to bed,
he cupped her face, and marveled
at her burning yellow eyes
and let go of all guards of nature
that prohibited them from uniting
and uttered them, before it was time for her to leave

“your beauty has burned me
at every sunset, dearly
your flames have scarred my humanity 
passionately and I loved it’s sadicity” 

She looked at him, her colors glowed
splashing the sky with fire-like colors
here and there, over clouds and waters too
the world seemed on fire

She grabbed him tight
and kissed him, laying her burning lips on his
his being was shaking from the passion that harnessed within
her powers were amplified with a touch of darkness
that she never knew she liked
he made love to her
like she was his and only his
the one who awakens his stars
who glowed
the world was their playground
the skies painted a portrait of their love
a masterpiece that no artist in his numerous years of experience
could replicate

it was a mesh of darkness with burning passion
warm skin with a carpet of goosebumps against
his cold starry being
condensed sky
with raindrops of lust

“I have to go” she says
“I am forbidden to stay”
she gathered her night robe
and slowly set behind the great blue ocean
that witnessed the greatest love story
ever seen

He felt incomplete
his hands empty
and his heart
aching to feel
burn again

He looked at the stars
they glowed more than ever
he smiled back
knowing that was her
leaving him kisses
to accompany him

takato yamomoto kiss


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